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Social Security for Madison Seniors

If you’re a senior citizen in Madison, you need to keep up with everything that deals with Social Security. You can receive benefits as well as take part in different programs that can help you live a better life. There is one main office in Madison that you can visit for any help you need as well as plenty of online services that make Social Security easy and accessible to everyone.

Office Locations in Madison

There is only one Social Security office that serves the whole Madison, Wisconsin area. It is located at: 6011 Odana Rd. Madison, Wisconsin 53719

This location can take care of all your Social Security needs, questions and issues. You can also call the toll-free number that is for all Social Security offices at (800)-772-1213. If you’re hard of hearing and need TTY, you can call (800)-325-0778. There is a 24-hour automated system that can handle some problems but you can also speak directly with a representative Monday through Friday 7 A.M. to 7 P.M.

If you want to find the location of any Social Security office, whether in Madison or not, you can use the SSA locator by entering in the zip code of your location.

Services Offered by Social Security

So what kind of help can you get at your local Social Security office? For seniors and retirees, there are a few different services that you will want to use.

First, you can meet with a retirement planner to make sure that you are getting the most out of your Social Security retirement benefits. They will help you plan for your future and set aside enough money to make sure you are cared for. The same goes for those with disabilities and survivors.

There are also work incentive programs like Ticket to Work and PASS. Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) is for those that are on Social Security disability benefits and still want to work or want to increase their amount of work. This program allows you to set aside money and savings to reach a certain work-related goal.

Ticket to Work is a similar program and allows disability beneficiaries improve their earning potential and find success in the workplace. Anyone who is between the ages of 18 and 64 and is on disability is eligible for the program.

Your local office is also where you can get replacement cards, ask questions, apply for benefits, and even get a new Medicare card if yours is lost or damaged.

Online Tools

While there is a lot you can do at the Madison office, there is an easier and faster way to get what you need. You can go online to do pretty much anything you need that deals with Social Security. A few of the things that you can do online include:

Block electronic access to your account Apply for benefits Plan for retirement Request a replacement card Obtain a letter that says you don’t get benefits Estimate your future benefits See all of your earnings

There are also so many different resources on the Social Security website that can help you get the most from your benefits. The best way to use all of these services is to create a My Social Security account. This account will let you safely access all benefits and conduct any business you might need online.

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