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Medicare in Madison

As a senior, you start to become eligible for more programs and assistance, one of them being Medicare benefits. There are over 67,000 beneficiaries in Dane County, where Madison is located and the majority of them are seniors. If you need help with any of your Medicare coverage, there are places you can go in Madison as well as online. It’s easy to learn about your coverage, find doctors that accept Medicare, and search for long term care options that will meet your benefits.

How Medicare Works

Medicare is a federal health care plan that is designed for seniors 65 and older, younger people with disabilities, and patients with end-stage renal disease. Medicare comes in four parts and each part covers a different kind of medical care and there is even an option to help customize your plan.

Part A- Hospital Coverage. This takes care of all hospital stays and skilled nursing facility stays as well as some home health care and hospice care.

Part B- Medical Coverage. This takes care of all visits to the doctor, preventative care, outpatient services, and some medical supplies if they are needed.

Part C- Medicare Advantage Plan. This is the customizable plan that has a private company cover Part A and B and also offer their own prescription drug coverage.

Part D- Prescription Coverage. This is an add-on to original Medicare plans and will cover prescriptions.

Medicare Statistics For Dane County

In 2014, Dane County spent $381 million on Medicare which came out to about $7,491 which is substantially less than the national average of $9,501.

Dane County has higher occurrences of depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and hepatitis when compared to national averages.

It has lower occurrences of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and coronary heart disease when compared to national averages.

40% of Medicare coverage is spent on inpatient care and 18% is spent on outpatient care.

Dane County spends about $14,515 per beneficiary for hospice care.

Offices For Medicare In Madison

In the state of Wisconsin, Social Security offices are in charge of handling any Medicare-related questions or concerns. So if you want to meet with someone in person about Medicare you can go to your local SSA office:

Social Security Administration Office 6011 Odana Rd. Madison, WI 53719 (800) 772-1213

Wisconsin is also located in region 5 for Medicare coverage and the regional office is located in downtown Chicago. You can reach this office by telephone or email if needed.

Office of the Regional Administrator 233 North Michigan Ave. Suite 600 Chicago, IL 60601 (312) 886-6432

Finally, you can also find information regarding Medicare online at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as well as on

Madison Medicare Doctors And Services

If you need to find a doctor in the area that accepts your Medicare benefits, then you can use the Physician Compare tool. It allows you to search and learn about doctors as well as group practices in your area that are Medicare-approved. You can search for things like geriatric medicine and find that there within 10 miles of Madison there are 20 professionals that meet this description.

You can also further refine your search to specific doctors or conditions. Each entry can be clicked on to reveal more information about the doctor including their specialties, where they can treat people, and what type of Medicare they accept. There are more search and compare tools on that will help you find the best nursing homes, hospitals, home health care, dialysis centers and more in your area.

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