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Madison Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

If you are like many seniors in Madison, you want to have an active retirement and make a lot of new friends. Volunteering gives you the chance to give back to the community around you and make the world a better place overall.

You may already have some idea of what types of projects you would like to volunteer for, or you may want to explore a lot of different opportunities by taking part in many small projects with a lot of different nonprofit groups.

Contact Your Events Coordinator

At many retirement communities and assisted living centers, there are dedicated event coordinators and liaisons that can help you find volunteer opportunities. If not, then a manager or director can offer some suggestions as to what others are doing where you live.

Find A Cause That Is Dear To You

If you are enthusiastic about animal rights, the environment, or helping end poverty, then you should consider this when trying to find a nonprofit to work with. Those that love teaching others may want to volunteer at a zoo or community center where they will be in charge of teaching classes or giving tours. The bottom line is that if you love something, it will show when you are interacting with others around you.

City Of Madison

The City of Madison has a constant need for volunteers for a variety of projects. If you need an indoor position and love books, then the library may be just the place for you. Garden projects are plentiful. In fact, the city has an ongoing 1,000 rain gardens project that is popular for volunteers. The parks and recreation department also have a long list of projects.

Second Harvest Food Bank

Unfortunately, there are more people going hungry each year than you might imagine. It is most common for children to be the ones that go without the meals they need to thrive. At Second Harvest Food Bank you are needed for a lot of different tasks.

Packing food boxes, helping with fundraisers, collecting donations, and other tasks are critical to the mission of Second Harvest. This is a great place to meet new friends and help out those less fortunate within the community.

Madison City Schools

If you like to be around kids and help them learn then, you should consider the volunteer opportunities that are available within the local school district. If you have a bachelors degree, you may be assigned as a mentor for youth. Other opportunities open to others are tutoring, chaperoning field trips, helping in the school library, and other clerical tasks.

Madison Children's Museum

The Madison Children's Museum provides a lot of educational opportunities to children and families throughout the greater Madison area. There are a lot of different things going on at the museum. You could find yourself giving tours, teaching classes, taking photos, entering data, and helping out with special events and camps. The museum also has an application process for larger groups that want to tackle a project together.

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