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Madison Senior Services

Many of the senior housing options are located right downtown in Madison. The downtown area is a highly walkable area that makes it easy for seniors to get to medical appointments, the grocery store, and to enjoyable events and activities. Wisconsin’s state capital is a senior friendly city that values the elderly population and provides a host of services to meet their needs, right where they live. The large senior community provides important companionship for seniors who wish to stay active.

City of Madison Senior Center provides opportunities for seniors to exercise their minds, bodies, and spirits. Seniors have the opportunity to meet with area authors, get instruction in computers, and participate in dance and exercise classes. Ongoing groups include playing bridge, learning Spanish, and playing ping pong, pool, and Wii. The program also offers support groups and discussion groups for LGBT seniors.

Aging and Disability Resource Center of Dane County provides information to seniors regarding health, transportation, home maintenance, and nutrition. Staff helps seniors apply for social security benefits, food sharing, and Medicaid. The program includes a legal services department that provides legal advice and representation for seniors who need help with housing, benefits, and other senior-related matters.

North/Eastside Senior Coalition (NESCO) is a program that started the same way as many other programs—with bingo games and book clubs. This group formed as a way to meet all of the needs of Madison’s seniors. NESCO now employs social workers that work with seniors on a customized plan for meeting their needs for housing, meals, accessing social security and other benefits, transportation, medication management, and help in their homes. The program serves more than 280 seniors annually. The program emphasizes diversity with a focus on the Hispanic and African-American seniors.

United Way of Dane County offers a transportation program so that seniors can have access to safe, reliable, and affordable transportation. The services include private and group rides. Seniors can call for rides to medical appointments, the grocery stores, the bank, and to entertainment and activities.

Catholic Charities Madison is a long time provider of senior services in Madison. The program offers an affordable adult day center, housing options, caregiver training, a respite team, elder mentors, and companion care.

St. Mary’s Hospital offers a unique program called GoldenCare. This is a customized program that is designed to offer free health care benefits, screenings, educational workshops, and social events. St. Mary’s Hospital also offers social workers, personalized nursing care, senior activities and recreations, companionship, meals, therapy, and transportation.

LGBT Senior Alliance is a joint project of OutReach and the Madison Senior Center. The program was developed to meet the needs of older LGBT adults. The program builds partnerships with other senior service providers and encourages participation in community and intergenerational social events. Gay and Gray is a discussion group for older events to discuss the issues that affect them. Share the Care is a program where the LGBT seniors either request or volunteer providing helpful services. The Alliance also offers faith discussion groups, folk music groups, and educational workshops.

Madison is a large city that keeps its seniors in a welcoming, tight-knit community so that they feel connected and supported.

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