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Madison Neighborhood Guide

The beautiful city of Madison offers lakeside retirement options and a mild summer temperature for the retiree. There are options for those with all types of retirement budgets. With a median rent of $892 as of 2013 this is an affordable city. You can maintain a good quality of life in Madison for much less than in a lot of other larger cities in the United States. Here are some neighborhoods to consider for your retirement.

Radio Park

This is often ranked as the #1 best neighborhood overall in Madison. For all the restaurants, grocery stores, and other amenities you get you can expect to pay 37% more than the median home price in Madison. On the other hand you get to enjoy a crime rate that is 60% less than other areas.

Excellent public transit means you don't have to worry a lot about getting around the area. Reservoir Park offers a great green space to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Glenway Golf Course is right there when you want to hit the green. Good access to grocery stores and shopping help simplify your life.

Sauk Creek

If Radio Park is too much for you, then Sauk Creek offers a very comparable and less expensive alternative. You get the same low crime rate, but the median home price is only 17% higher than Madison's overall median. There are a ton of amenities around Sauk Creek. Major department stores like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Land's End are close by.

Bookstores and fitness centers will help you have access to a lot of entertainment and classes to fill your day with healthful activities and make new friends. Easy access to public transit means you can spend a day out without a care in the world.


Located in the Lake Mendota area, there are several places to take a walk and enjoy yourself in Dudgeon-Monroe. The entire surrounding area is considered a choice location for anyone that wants to retire in the Madison city limits.

Be sure to visit the Monroe Street Farmer's Market for some tasty produce, treats, and local crafts. Amenities such as grocery stores and fitness centers are plentiful as are restaurants. Numerous art galleries are a must see for anyone in the area.

Making The Most Of Your Retirement

Only you know what it is that makes you happy. Retirement should be a time when you are simplifying your life, so you have time to spend with family, learn new things, and find time for the things that are the most important to you. Perhaps a new hobby is in order?

Maybe you always wanted to finish a college degree? The University Of Wisconsin is a great place to meet your goals.

Like many larger cities, the cost of real estate and rent can vary a lot between neighborhoods. If you are willing to split costs with someone else, then you may be able to afford either much larger and luxurious accommodations or retire in a better neighborhood for your needs.

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