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Madison Hospice Care

Each year, thousands of Wisconsin seniors are able to face their final days in comfort and with dignity thanks to the assistance of hospice care providers. Whether you receive care at home with your family or from trained staff in a residential facility, you can find a hospice care team that is able to cater to your unique needs. Hospice providers focus on helping patients to manage their pain and other symptoms as they enjoy their last few weeks with friends and family.

An overview of hospice care

Many senior living communities offer hospice care services, but housebound seniors can also receive care in the comfort of their own home. An interdisciplinary hospice team works with terminal patients to help manage pain and provide emotional support for their families.

Your primary care doctor, along with your hospice doctor, plan out and supervise your care regimen.

Hospice care nurses and home health aides work closely with patients and other hospice support staff members to administer a physician mandated care plan.

Families that act as caregiver for a senior hospice patient can hire help at home with chores, errands and more through local homemaker services.

Trained hospice volunteers offer terminal patients and their families compassion and companionship along with a helpful hand around the house.

Having a loved one in hospice care can be difficult for families, but luckily, social workers, counselors and clergy members are available to offer emotional support.

In addition to your hospice care team, you may have friends and neighbors that are able to drop by and lend a hand with the cooking, deliver groceries, or simply stay for a visit every now and then.

Finding hospice services in Madison

Wisconsin hospice care providers are regulated by the state Department of Health Services (DHS). There are several state licensed providers that serve the residents of Madison, including Agrace Hospice Care, Heartland Hospice Services, Southerncare Madison and St. Croix Hospice Madison. Patients and their families can also find hospice providers located throughout Dane County through the Hospice Organization and Palliative Experts (HOPE) of Wisconsin.

You can learn more about hospice care options near you by visiting The website provides detailed information on popular home health agencies and senior living facilities around the Madison area, including popular communities such as Capitol Lakes Independent Living and Oak Park Place.

Managing hospice care expenses

Hospice care can be expensive, but luckily, there are many ways that you can reduce your medical bill. Original Medicare, along with most private insurance plans, will cover the majority of the expenses that you incur as you utilize hospice care services. If you are thinking about taking out a private insurance policy, be sure to speak with your agent about hospice coverage options.

Terminal patients with limited resources may be eligible to use Medicaid benefits to cover the cost of hospice care. Veterans can contact the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital to find out if they are eligible to receive affordable hospice care through the Veteran’s Association.

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