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Having a reputable funeral service provider take care of all the arrangements when a loved one dies will help to alleviate some of the stress associated with the passing of a loved one. This guide has a variety of online resources and tools to help you find a good service provider. Highlights include an overview of your rights as a consumer as outlined in the FTC Funeral Rule. Other features include ways to save money so you can budget and manage all the costs associated with funeral expenses.

How the Government Protects Consumers with the FTC Funeral Rule

The Federal Trade Commission’s FTC Funeral Rule protects consumers in several ways when they are searching for a funeral service provider. Under the guidelines of the laws stipulated by the FTC Funeral Rule, businesses that provide such services to the public are required to adhere to specified standards. A few examples of the regulations administered by the FTC include:

When the selected cemetery requires an outer burial container, the funeral home managing the service arrangements must provide consumers with a price list.

Consumers are not required to purchase a traditional casket for cremation and may select an alternative container. Funeral homes must provide consumers with a price list if they offer this service.

Embalming services are not required when making funeral arrangements. Alternative options include refrigeration when a burial does not take place immediately.

Consumers have the right to shop around for the best prices and service feature options and are not required to purchase package funeral services that include unnecessary items.

Resources and Tools for Finding a Funeral Home

Managing the process of finding a funeral home is easier with the resources provided by Digital Memorial. This company maintains a nationwide network of online services to help consumers, features of which include a search tool to locate a funeral home in their area. When using the tool, consumers will see a listing of local providers that includes detailed information about the services they offer.

Another way to find funeral homes in the Madison area is to use the online directory provided by Better Business Bureau (BBB). The listing of funeral service providers gives consumers the opportunity to get more information and to read reviews and ratings while looking for any complaints filed against a business. Two BBB accredited service providers in the Madison area include Cress Funeral Service and Hafemeister Funeral Home and Cremation Service. Both providers have an A+ rating with the BBB.

Saving Money on Funeral Expenses

Saving money on any purchase requires a budget and planning. You can save on the costs associated with funeral arrangements in several ways that include prior preparation through the purchase of a life insurance policy. Other ways to manage funeral expenses include putting aside some savings or money in a trust fund so the money will be available when you need it most.

Many consumers find it helpful to have the guidance of a checklist when making funeral arrangements. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) maintains a funeral pricing checklist that you can print off their website and have handy to help you through the process. Similar in format to a traditional everyday shopping list, the funeral pricing checklist outlines the many services and features offered by funeral homes, which makes it easier for you to select only those items you need to save money on costs.

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