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How to Get Around Madison Without Driving

The places you want to go to are usually spread out in a city of Madison’s size. If you do not have an automobile or cannot safely drive, you might have a hard time getting around. Thankfully, Madison offers a wide selection of transportation options to pick from. With Madison’s service organizations, home care services, public transportation, and cab services, you will have no trouble getting from one place to the next.


Madison Metro Transit, usually just called “Metro,” provides bus services throughout Madison and the surrounding suburbs. They are committed to offering a public transportation system that can be used by people of all abilities. Some of the features Metro buses are equipped with include kneeling to the curb, wheelchair securement areas, and automatic bus stop announcements. Seniors 65 years of age and older can ride the bus for half price. All you need to do is show proof of your age if requested.

Taxi Companies

There are numerous cab services around Madison that can get you to doctor’s appointments or anywhere else you want to go. With Green Cab, Union Cab of Madison, Badger Cab Co, and the many other licensed taxi companies in Madison, you can make advance reservations over the phone or online. Or, if you are interested in hiring a professional driver for a retired person in your life, you can even prepay for rides with some of the cab services.

Home Care Transportation

As part of their menu of services, home health care companies in Madison typically provide transportation for various purposes. Independent Health Care, Senior Helpers, and ComForcare Home Care Madison are just some of the organizations that make a point of advertising their transportation services online. Golden agers are encouraged to consider this option because you get to make as many stops along the way as you want, you can get help and companionship while shopping, you will likely know the driver since they also serve as your caregiver, and you can go in your car or theirs.

Ride-Sharing Enterprises

The two main ride-sharing apps, Lyft and Uber, operate in Madison. Getting door-to-door help, scheduling rides in advance, and getting rides when you need them are all made simple by these services. This is the ideal choice if you are good with a smartphone or can have someone who is tech-savvy help you. You just need to be aware of their pricing structure. For example, if you try to get a ride during peak times, such as rush hour, you may experience a dramatic increase in fares, known as a “pricing surge.”

Find Your Ideal Ride with These Customized Services

The Dane County (where Madison is located) Department of Human Services offers an Older Adult Transportation Assistance Program among other programs open to adults aged 60 and over. The goal of the programs is to help seniors continue to live independently by offering door-to-door service from homes or apartments to senior centers, medical appointments, grocery and general shopping, and congregate meal sites.

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