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Catholic Health Care in Madison

Madison is full of Catholic health care options for seniors. Basic help and more advanced care are all possible thanks to the Catholic health services located throughout the state. Catholic Health locations offer case management, hospice care, care plans, and much more.

Health Care for Women

Our Lady of Hope Clinic focuses on providing healthcare to women. The clinic is open Monday and Tuesday, and Thursday and Friday. A monthly fee is paid to use this service, rather than paying at each visit. Even the uninsured are able to use this clinic as a way to receive proper care for health concerns. Women of all age can attend the clinic.

Inclusive Programming at All Saints

Inclusive programming is available at All Saints Neighborhood, a spirited senior living center. Not only are their apartments in the area, but also condos and cottages. Enhanced apartments are another option. Included in the pricing is rent, access to the fitness center, hair salon, worship services, banking services, and kitchen. Memory care and assisted living can also be included for those who need the extra assistance.

Catholic Charities Provide Resources

Catholic Charities has a chapter in Madison, where senior residents in the area can find the resources they need. There are a number of agencies in the city that are capable of providing assistance. A full list of Catholic associations are included, ranging from St. Mary’s Hospital to the Catholic Multicultural Center. Each location has its own set of services and offerings available.

Health Advocacy at Catholic Multicultural Center

People who require assistance meeting basic needs can get the help they desire from the Catholic Multicultural Center. A free meal can be provided, or there is a food pantry where healthy food options can be chosen. There is also health advocacy, a personal essentials pantry, and shower and laundry services. The center provides important resources to both individuals and families, young and old. The elderly can benefit especially thanks to the help they receive for tasks that are difficult to accomplish alone.

Clinical Services at St. Mary’s Hospital

St. Mary’s Hospital offers a care center where rehabilitation is provided. This is a common need for many seniors, looking to improve their range of motion and increase muscle strength. The care center offers a full-time home for those who need to stay at the facility. Care plans are tailored to each person based on what their needs include, such as salon services, dietary instruction, memory care, or otherwise. There is also a pharmacy on site so patients have access to medication 24/7. Catholic services are available in the chapel on a weekly basis.

Diocese of Madison

Through the Diocese of Madison, seniors can find outreach programs in their area to get the assistance they require. Interested parties may also volunteer their time helping others in a way to give back. This can be done simply by donating to food pantries.

Additional assisted living facilities and other Catholic resources are located in Madison. They can be found by visiting

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