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Social Security for Lubbock Seniors

Social Security is a vital part of a retiree’s life from benefits to income. For some retirees, it’s all the income they have.  There are several Social Security offices throughout your area to help you with simple things like replacing a lost or damaged card, applying for Social Security and Medicare benefits, or assisting you with other issues.  For help with your benefits, you can visit an area office, call a specialized toll-free number, or perform service requests online.

Local Social Security Offices

The local Social Security office address is 5825 16th Street.  It is behind Academy Sports on 19th Street. The main phone line is 1.866.467.0460.  The TTY line is 1.800.325.0778.  The office is open Monday - Friday, with hours of 9-4 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The office is open on Wednesday from 9-12.

There are more SSA offices in Plainview and Amarillo. To look for additional locations, add your zip code to the SSA’s online office locator.  There is also a list of other area government agencies that provide additional assistance.

Available Social Security Services for Seniors

If you have lost your Social Security card, need a replacement card, or need to change your name, you can visit your local SSA office.  At the office, you can also request a new or replacement Medicare card if yours is lost or damaged.

If you are under 65 and also receive Social Security disability benefits, you may qualify for the SSA’s free “Ticket to Work” program to help you improve and develop skills for work while you receive your benefits pay. There are area agencies that administer this program. To find the closest administrator to you, contact the Helpline at 1.866.968.7842.

If you are part of a local club, group, or other senior community, you can request a speaker to discuss Social Security benefits.  To plan accordingly, please give 30 days notice.  To request a speaker, fill out the online form.  You can also ask for a translator in any language to assist with presentations or help you with your benefits.

Online Resources and Tools

Going to the office requires time and transportation. If you would rather not travel to the Social Security office, there are many functions and options that you can complete online.  You can complete the following online tasks on the SSA’s website:

Apply for Social Security benefits

Request a replacement card

Calculate future benefits

View your Social Security statements

Check eligibility for benefits

Appeal a recent medical decision

Review your status

You can also complete other SSA tasks online such as blocking online and phone access to Social Security information, which is critical for identity theft and domestic abuse victims for privacy reasons. You can also create your My Social Security account to review your SSA benefit information including lifetime earnings, statements, and projected retirement benefits. You can also update your contact and direct deposit information, download a benefit verification letter, request a Medicare replacement card, and print forms (SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S) for tax preparation.

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