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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Lubbock

Everything changes with time from your body to your needs.  As you get older, finding work may not be as easy as it used to be. In a 2015 study, AARP reported that those job seekers over 55 take longer to find employment than their younger counterparts.  They also found that older workers often earn less than they used to and worked fewer hours. There are jobs out there, but you will need time, possibly updated skills, and guidance to find your rewarding career.  

Here are some resources in Lubbock and surrounding areas to help you make the job move or find your next rewarding career.

Senior Jobseeker Resources

The AARP Foundation helps older adults find employment through services, resources, training, and job search functions.  AARP Foundation has numerous educational material and sources for job seekers including information on where to find jobs, organizing your search, using social media, how to apply for jobs, preparing for an interview, and accepting a job.

The Texas Workforce Commission provides job listings for the state of Texas and allows you to search jobs, find training, and explore careers.  There is a Veterans section for jobs.

There is also a job search function on the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Service’s website.  The City of Lubbock Library offers a database for career development that you can use with your library card if you would like to further your education.  You can also use the library’s computer lab if you need assistance to search for jobs online or print your resume.

Getting Paid While Learning

The Texas Workforce Commission’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) provides low-income Texans training while earning at least minimum wage.  Most participants work on average 20 hours per week. Program participants work with nonprofits, government agencies, area schools, senior centers, and other public organizations to acquire new skills and gain experience.

All participants will receive a career assessment, job training plan, and counseling, if necessary. After a year or two, job seekers will find positions outside of the program in jobs such as classroom aides, customer service, retail, shipping associates, and more.

In Lubbock County, Senior Service of America manages the SCSEP program in Plainview.  You can call 806.293.4458 or email [email protected] for more information.

More Options for Seniors

Unemployed veterans can get priority help with their job search at the Texas Workforce Commission. There are additional services for veterans to use their military service as experience.

If you care for a family member, you may be able to get paid for your caregiving service through programs such as Texas Medicaid’s Cash and Counseling and the VA Aid & Attendance Pension.

Now maybe the time to start your own business. The Small Business Administration Lubbock District Office offers a variety of resources for all types of businesses to help you start your venture.

With all the resources and training available, you will find the right job for you in Lubbock, Texas.

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