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Medicaid in Lubbock

Medicaid improves the lives of countless seniors and also many Americans who suffer from disability. The majority of nursing home residents in Texas take advantage of the Medicaid program in one capacity or another to access important medical services that they couldn’t afford otherwise.

Texas State Medicaid will help seniors access services like:

Home health aides

Paying for prescription drugs

Accessing rehabilitative services

Paying for essential hospice care at the end of life

Adult day programs

If you think you need Medicaid to get the critical medical care that you need in Lubbock, continue reading to learn about what Medicaid covers in Lubbock, how you can start the application process, where to find help with your application and what services Medicaid may provide eligible seniors.

Qualifying for Medicaid in Lubbock

To begin with, the Medicaid program is intended to help seniors aged 65 years and older to have access to the medical care they need as well as access to peripheral services related to that care.

Medicaid will also provide assistance and resources to people who are:

Suffering a disability that is expected to last at least one year

Suffering a disability that will require at least 30 days of continual care

People who are classified as low-income, have few assets or are very short on cash, and don’t own any valuable assets

Seniors who own a home don’t have to worry. Owning a home is not taken into consideration when determining eligibility.

Assistance with Your Lubbock Medicaid Application

Start by going straight to and fill out the online Medicaid application. Seniors who have difficulty navigating the online application process have other options.

There are Texas State Health and Human Services Commission offices that have personnel ready to help you complete the application accurately. Lubbock seniors can find the closest office to them by using the convenient online search wizard.

The HHSC offices are where Lubbock seniors can find help with the application process and:

Get access to internet connected computers to access your benefits online if you don’t own a computer.

Find friendly staff to answer any of your questions.

Learn about other programs you can apply for that can relieve the stress that comes from being short on funds for your daily needs.

Find the office nearest to where you live by entering your zip code in the online search wizard.

What Does Lubbock Medicaid Cover?

Medicaid will provide Lubbock seniors and the disabled with care and services such as:

Home health aide services.

Hospice care in the final months or weeks of life.

Critical diagnostic tests like MRIs, CAT scans, blood tests, and x-rays.

Beyond basic and advanced medical care, Medicaid will give Lubbock seniors access to essential dental and optician services

Transportation to Lubbock Medical Appointments

Seniors can call 855-687-3255 in advance to schedule transportation provided by the Medical Transportation Office, and be provided reimbursement for transportation costs outside that are provided by the MTO.

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