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Lubbock Veterans Support Groups

Disabled veterans in Lubbock find it particularly troubling to get the assistance they need. Many cannot work, yet are not able to get approved for disability. The process takes help from a professional to make a claim go through. Collaborate with a local, state, or national organization to get the assistance you need when filing benefit claims or locating other beneficial resources. Lubbock offers plenty.

Lubbock Local Support

The Lubbock Clinic, which sits at 6104 Avenue Q South Drive, is your best chance for getting medical attention in the area. It typically stays open from 8am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

The Lubbock Vet Center is another option. This location allows you to seek advice from a professional on all matters related to veterans affairs. Ask for assistance when filing a claim for benefits, get an application for housing, talk about your requirements for getting a loan, and even inquire about job postings. If you need help transitioning after just getting home, or require assistance after years without it, the center can help.

Texas Choices

The Texas Veterans Commission focused on veterans of the Indian wars, the Spanish-American War, and World War I when it first got established. Now any veterans of war can get assistance from this organization. A claims representative can guide you on filing for benefits, or you can seek employment services in your area.

Nationally-Recognized Organizations With Chapters in Lubbock

Veterans of Foreign Wars is a nationally-recognized organization with chapters all across the U.S. There is one location in the Lubbock area that you can use to your advantage. The VFW posts located in each city offer different meeting times where you can socialize with others or ask questions regarding claims, housing, health care, and more. Attend one meeting or go to them all to get what you need out of the equation.

Post-2466 Ancile “Al” White Post is your local option. On the second Thursday of each month, starting at 7:30 pm, you can attend a gathering and socialize with other veterans from the city. The post resides at 501 E. County Road 7300. The Quartermaster is Amos Hastings, while the role of Commander was given to Benino Guerrero.

Honoring Lubbock Soldiers of the Past and Present

Lubbock now hosts its own Veteran’s Day Parade. Prior to 2016, you had to attend another city’s parade if you wanted to honor Lubbock soldiers. Now, you can stay in town and enjoy the show. The event starts at the First Baptist Church at Broadway St. It is free to attend, but you should contact Amaris Garcia at 806-792-1212 if you wish to volunteer or walk. Expect the event to start at 10 am and end around noon.

Numerous other options exist in the town. The Red, White, and You Veterans Job Fair is a popular choice. It takes place at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center on November 10th. Many of the schools in the area host their own Veteran’s Day Assemblies on the 11th of November, asking any alumni who have fought in a war to attend.

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