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Lubbock Veterans Benefits

Texas treats its veterans with the utmost respect and care. The men and women who serve our country earn benefits once they’re back home and in Lubbock, there are numerous resources to help veterans use those benefits. Their health care benefits include access to primary care as well as programs to help with things like mental disorders or substance abuse problems. Veterans also get housing benefits, financial assistance, and access to employment services all of which can be found easily in Lubbock.

Health Care for Lubbock Veterans

Many veterans need access to good health care when they return home, but some don’t realize they have these benefits. According to the VA, any veteran who doesn’t have a dishonorable discharge, as well as active military, has health care benefits. That group also includes any person who served in the National Guard or the Reserves when there was a federally ordered service. Each veteran has a priority group when it comes to applications, and they will be reviewed based on those.

The Amarillo VA Health System is the central medical facility for the Lubbock area. Senior veterans can get all types of care through the VA including geriatric psychiatry, mental wellness checks, telehealth systems, primary care, hospice services, at-home care, and more. If you care for a veteran, you can use the VA health system for services like support groups and respite care.

Lubbock has an outpatient clinic that can handle services like primary care, specialty care, and support services. They can also provide referrals to the medical center in Amarillo.

Housing & Assistance for Lubbock Veterans

The city of Lubbock has an extensive list of services and benefits for veterans in the community. Among those benefits are housing and housing assistance. A few of these programs include various loans such as:

Home loans to help veterans purchase a permanent residence. Eligible veterans can get guaranteed loans at low-interest rates.

Land loans to allow veterans to purchase land in Texas at below market interest rates and less than 5% of a down payment.

Home repair loans that assist veterans in fixing their home or modifying it to accommodate disabilities and other medical needs.

There are also plenty of services for homeless veterans to find shelter as well as help low-income veterans and their families. Lubbock Homes for Heroes helps provide mortgage-free homes for veterans in the city. All money they receive goes to helping local vets and building homes to provide shelter.

TexVet also has a section for local homeless resources for vets looking for a place to live. It includes shelters in the area as well as employment assistance and counseling.

More Veteran Resources in Lubbock

Veterans that want to go back to school can find help at Texas Tech University. Their veteran resources include assistance with things like understanding your GI Bill, transferring credits, financial assistance, and career assessments and support.

The Texas Workforce Commission has a Workforce Solutions office in Lubbock that can help veterans with all their employment needs. They have career counseling, job training, vocational training, and provide support through the entire process.

The Texas Veterans Commission has representatives that can help veterans file claims and learn more about their benefits.

Aid & Assistance can also help pay for things like assisted living. To learn more, please visit

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