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Lubbock Senior Centers

Whether you want a simple solution like going to a recreation center to play games with others, or you would rather join a dance troupe, the city of Lubbock provides plenty of opportunities to keep you busy and entertained. There are aerobics and exercise options, classes, meet-up groups, and more. Partake in as few or as many of the activities as you would like and fill your time with things to do.

Recreation Centers

There are recreation centers in Lubbock that provide plenty of opportunities for people of all ages in the area to play games, sports or enjoy other activities. Hodges Community Center offers year-round leisure classes and special events that you can participate in regularly. If you want to join in on games, check out the Lubbock Senior Center for other options.


Located at 2001 19th St, the Lubbock Senior Center offers computer and lab classes for beginners. You get to learn how to use Microsoft Office. More intermediate users may take courses in Social Media and Digital Photography. If you want to take other learning courses that are not offered at the senior center, you may need to look into class options in your area to explore other avenues.

Aerobics and Exercise

Senior centers also offer a fitness area. Equipment includes treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, and more. There is even a TV in the room with cable access so you can enjoy the news or a show while you work out in a safe and convenient space. If you want to do more than just stay inside, get outdoors for a walk around the community. You can also head to a local pool for some swimming, which is an excellent option for seniors with joint pain or mobility issues because water is easy on the joints.

Performance Troupes

You can check with your local center to see if there are dance classes or performance options. Otherwise, you need to look into performance troupes nearby that may be accepting applications. The Seasoned Performers is an option for older adults who want to get into performing. They are part of a larger theater company. Seniors put on original productions, as well as act in well-known performances. It allows people to use their creativity and find some purpose while enjoying their time.

Meetup Groups

You can meet with friends at the senior center, or create your own meet-up group to see them in an additional setting. Get together once a week or once a month, whatever is most comfortable and convenient for everyone. There is also a meet-up website that allows you to find groups to connect with over shared interests. Numerous groups already exist in Lubbock, although many are not senior-based.

Travel Groups

Envoye Travel is an organization dedicated to providing travel opportunities to retired citizens. The trips are planned out carefully with multiple people to help lead the group. Easy pacing ensures everyone can walk safely and slowly and enjoy their time away. There are cruises, walks around towns, sporting events, and more you can attend. Group travel ensures no one is out alone.

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