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Lubbock Nursing Homes

Choosing a nursing home is no easy feat. You have countless features to consider, among them costs, services, and amenities. Lubbock nursing homes do their part to ensure seniors have a comfortable and safe place to live. Once you make your decision, you can be sure you will be taken care of properly in an appropriate place. Do not make a choice lightly. Look into all options in Lubbock to find the best possibility. Our rundown of nursing homes helps you make your selection.

Nursing Home Fast Facts

According to the sources Genworth Cost of Care Survey Texas; SeniorAdvisor; and

The maximum daily rate for a Lubbock private nursing room can reach $312.

The prices for nursing homes are expected to increase by five percent in the next five years.

Lubbock’s median rate is lower than that of the United States’ average.

There are 15 Medicare-certified nursing homes within 10 miles of Lubbock.

Ten nursing home locations partner with Senior Advisor in Lubbock.

Average Nursing Home Length of Stay

Thirty percent of people living in nursing homes stay anywhere between one and three years. Females often stay longer than men, but this is only because women tend to live longer. If you are married, you can expect to spend less time in a nursing home, as you often have a spouse at home still able to help care for you before you require the skilled nurses. As a single, never married individual, your length of stay is often longer, over three years.

The type of care you need also plays a significant role in your duration of residence. Do you need round-the-clock care for the rest of your life? You will stay for the next few months or years, depending on how soon you move. Did you break your leg and now need skilled nursing care and therapy? You could stay in one of the available beds for just a few weeks or months and be back home once you complete treatment. There are various levels of service offered that determine how long you will be at the facility. Short and long-term options are available for everyone who needs them.

You may not have realized, but respite care is a possibility as well. Your caregiver may need time off for a day or two. During this timeframe, you can stay in a nursing center where professionals can handle your needs. You get to complete activities, socialize with others, and enjoy meals in the dining hall. Your caregiver can pick you back up once they are ready. You can even come for just one day, never even having to stay the night.

Nursing Home Services

Personal care services help people who struggle with daily tasks get things accomplished. A nurse will help you bathe, get dressed and even eat if those are activities you need help completing. Medical-related tasks like wound care, well-checks, medication management, and keeping track of therapy schedules also get offered. All of these services ensure you are properly taken care of and living as healthy of a life as possible in a clean, safe environment.

Memory care is necessary for some instances, such as for those who have Alzheimer’s. There are often Memory Care Units available in a nursing home that offer even more secure surroundings for people who struggle remembering who and where they are. Certified nurse assistants work under a registered nurse to provide these services.

Therapy options help people in short-term care return to their normal lives. If you suffered an accident and had trouble walking and performing daily tasks, you may need both physical and occupational therapy. Perhaps you suffered a stroke. Occupational and speech therapy may be the best options to get you talking and interacting. The therapy program at a nursing facility gets tailored to every individual. You get a customized plan that focuses on your most needed areas.

Many residents want to look and feel their best. A hair and nail salon is on-site at many locations, allowing people to receive a discount on services they would get in the outside world. These services are ideal when holiday events happen or when you have a plan for the family to visit.

Costs of Services

The median annual rate for a private nursing room in Lubbock is $67,058. That rate is expected to grow by five percent in the next five years, making the cost even higher. You can save by renting a semi-private suite instead. You may have to share with another person, but you still receive full access to all amenities throughout the building and get your meals provided. The Genworth Cost of Care Survey lists a semi-private room in Lubbock as $54,750 per year.

Medicare and Medicaid help you pay for care. Invest in a long-term care plan and see what your insurance covers during your stay. They may cover your expenses for a short stay or pay for a significant portion of your long-term costs.

The Quintessential Nursing Home of Lubbock

Whether you reside in a home for just a few months or you need to stay there long-term, the qualities you look for will always remain the same. You need a facility that is safe, has a friendly staff, and a warm atmosphere with plenty of social activities for you to join. The quintessential nursing home of Lubbock embodies all of these aspects and more. It is Medicare-certified, licensed by the state, and passes all inspections. It remains clean and well-maintained on a daily basis. It offers a variety of foods on the menu. With these qualities available, you can be sure you are choosing one of the best possibilities in Lubbock.

Consult with friends, family, and even neighbors if you want an idea of the first nursing homes to check out. Take their recommendations into consideration to help you find a place that best meets your standards. You can also speak with your local Area Agency on Aging to discover their suggestions. Call (806) 687-0940 to talk with someone about long-term care options.

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