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Lubbock Hospice Care

Facing the inevitability of imminent death can be hard.  

A senior’s later years always present hard challenges for seniors and their loved ones.  

Hospice care is one way to ease the psychological and emotional difficulties that come at the end of life.  

Even though hospice care can frequently be, and often is, offered outside your home, it can also be given in your home or elder living residence.  

Hospice care will make the time leading up to death reasonably pain-free and with the medical and emotional support that will relieve the stress of your family and the physical pain you could feel in the final days.

If your physician has presented the need for hospice care, there are some facts you must know.  Keep reading to discover about hospice care for Lubbock seniors.

Hospice Care in Lubbock

It doesn’t matter where you get hospice care, there is going to be a team of medical professionals that will work with you and your family to make this time as stressless as possible for all involved.  

Leading the hospice team will be the hospice physician who plans the optimum course of action for your care, with attention to pain management.  There will be nurses and home health aides to monitor your physical state and check your pain levels.

Physical therapists will also be there to help elders with speech issues, and problems swallowing.  If hospice is offered at your home you could have a homemaking service to take care of errands and chores.

Emotional Help for Lubbock Seniors

Social workers and clergy are a critical part of the hospice care team.  

They’ll assist in relieving the stress of watching a family member die, and will give great emotional support through this hard time.  

Hospice volunteers can help in running errands and offer a break for family members from bedside duty.  

Lubbock Seniors Rely on Others

You can also try asking friends and loved ones for aid that they can give throughout the hospice care period.  

The more aid that supports you during this sad period, the less draining it will be for all.

Hospice Care in Lubbock

Lubbock seniors will access a wide range of hospice care providers.

You should use the Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization directory to shrink your search down by locality.  

U.S. military Veterans can discover if they’re eligible for hospice care at a VA medical center, in their residence, or in an elder living residence.  

Use the massive directory of hospice care providers on to find quality hospice care near to you and read awesome reviews from people who have used them.  

Check out hospice providers like Harper House Personal Care in Texas.

Paying for Lubbock Hospice Care

Hospice care is often covered by health insurance, although Medicare Part A will also pay for hospice care in your home, medical facility, or senior residence.  

U.S. veterans can have the needed hospice care covered by VA Healthcare in Texas.  Some hospice care providers can charge according to a sliding scale for lower income elders.

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