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Lubbock Funeral Homes

Understanding the process of planning a funeral before you ever need to will help ensure you fully know what to do when the time does arrive. You need to look into your rights as a customer and the pros and cons of certain services before you ever set foot in a funeral chapel. Many funeral homes exist in Lubbock, but not all are right for you. Have a budget and list of services in mind before starting the planning process, so you do not get swindled out of your money during this already difficult time.

Knowing Your Rights as a Funeral Home Customer

State and federal rules both exist to ensure customers of funeral home businesses do not get deceived out of their hard-earned money. The Federal Trade Commission has a law in place indicating a person may select funeral services without being required to purchase an entire package deal. You can also request pricing information over the phone without having to meet the director in person.

The state of Texas also has their own laws in place regarding funeral home policies. For example, an establishment must have a showroom featuring merchandise available for purchase. At least two caskets must be present, including the lowest-priced option available from the business. Knowing your rights and understanding the details of these laws helps ensure you make the right decisions during the funeral planning process.

Knowing Which Funeral Home to Choose

The funeral parlor you pick needs to be one you can feel comfortable going to in your trying time. It is a difficult process as is without settling for a location that you do not feel entirely comfortable with during your planning. Ask friends and family for advice on possible choices in the area. They may offer guidance on which locations to avoid and which to check out based on their experiences.

You could also look to the Better Business Bureau to see which recommended places are accredited. Locations with A ratings are far better to use than those with C and below scores. Low scores like this indicate problems with the business that other consumers have reported. You want to start out with a company that is well-known and reputable, and well-liked liked among the community.

You can call different funeral parlors on the phone and request information. They are obligated to provide you with the answers you seek. Ask about price and service packages, as well as extra options that others may not know about without requesting them.

Knowing the Right Budget to Set

Once you have some services in mind and have narrowed down a few funeral parlors for the possible location, you need to think about the budget. You most likely do not have the means to throw an extravagant funeral with all the included possibilities. The amount would surpass anything most people could fathom. Set a budget and understand that some options may need to get cut out of the plan. You have to focus on the most important aspects to ensure they can get paid for within the timeframe.

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