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Lubbock Assisted Living

At some point, seniors stop being able to handle their personal care needs. Many find it difficult to perform daily chores, get up and get dressed in the morning, and even make their meals. An assisted living facility is the best solution under these circumstances, as people can feel as though they are still independent and living alone, yet have nurses nearby to assist with tasks they struggle with regularly. Making the move can be difficult, but by considering various options in the Lubbock area, you can rest assured that you’re finding the best possible place for you to be.

Assisted Living Costs in Lubbock

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, residents of Lubbock, Texas can expect to pay $200 more on average than other U.S. cities. You are looking at spending a total of $3,800 per month for a single occupancy room. The annual cost rises to $45,600. You need to make sure you save and find other payment options if you’re going to afford a yearly price like this. Other U.S. cities pay a median price of $43, 200, with the average Texas city paying only $42,500.

Some Best of 2017 award winners give residents a tough moving choice in Lubbock. You can move to Raider Ranch, which costs around $8,000 for all amenities included, or Mackenzie Place, located in the heart of Lubbock. Other ideal options include Brookdale Shadow Hills and Brookdale Remington Park, both around the $2,000 mark for monthly expenses. It isn’t always about which place costs more. You may simply feel more at home at one of the more affordable options, without as many amenities taking up space.

Knowing What to Expect From Assisted Living

Most facilities offer common ground, so you know the basics of what to expect. While the overall amenities might change from place to place, the daily offerings of activities and meals remain the same. All residents eat together in the dining hall. A chef prepares nutritional breakfast, lunch, and dinner items that you can choose from the menu. Throughout the day, you may participate in offered activities that include choices such as movie time, games, exercise, and more. Each resident also has access to the central living space where everyone can gather to chat or just get out of their rooms and in the company of others.

Not all places allow pets. If you have a cat or dog you wish to bring with you when you move, you will have to find a pet-friendly location. Some are pet-free so that animals are not left wandering through hallways and interfering with daily activities. Many people are also allergic to some animals, cats in particular, due to the danger in their fur. Having a pet-free space is the safest for everyone, according to some facilities.

Finding a Lubbock Assisted Living Location

The first step you should take toward finding an assisted living location in Lubbock is talking to your friends and relatives. Chances are they may have recommendations on places in the area that meet your needs. Most people know one person or another who lives in a nursing home or similar facility. They can offer suggestions on places that are well-liked by others and help you narrow your search, so you know where to take your tours.

Use online sites to find recommendations as well. Most people leave reviews on places they have lived or visited. Read these insights and see which locations sound ideal to you, and which have too much negative feedback to consider. It can help you further your results, so you are left with a few options to tour.

Finding Ways to Pay for Your Living Expenses

It is not always easy to find ways to pay for your living expenses. The cost of living in Lubbock is not entirely out of hand, but it is not the most affordable city in the U.S. either. Consider some different payment options and plans so you can be sure you can afford the facility you need. Start by looking into insurance.

Medicaid, Medicare, and Private Insurance

You should always have some form of insurance that can help cover your medical care costs. Medicaid is an option for low-income individuals who cannot afford to pay high costs. Medicare is the best choice for seniors, as there are part A and part B premiums to pay that focus on senior-specific things, such as frequent hospital stays and long-term care. If you do not qualify for these options, look into the best choices for private insurance companies in the area. You need some sort of insurance to help combat the expensive costs of medical care.

Check Out Your Local VA

The Lubbock Clinic is the first place you should check out if you are a veteran. You can speak to someone there about receiving services and see what place they recommend for assisted living. The representatives that work here are more than willing to provide help to veterans in the area. The Lubbock Clinic is located at 6104 Avenue Q South Drive. You can call them at 806-472-3400. Their parent facility is the Amarillo VA HCS. Ask them how to apply for benefits and get assistance.

Reverse Mortgage

You may be moving to an assisted living facility, but that doesn’t mean your spouse is too. If you have a partner left at home, you cannot sell your house to pay for your moving expenses. Instead, take out a reverse mortgage that allows you to use the home’s equity as a line of credit. You can pay your medical costs while your husband or wife gets to keep the home the two of you built.

After thinking about all associated costs, amenities, and payments, you have to make the decision to move to a particular location. Find the best fit for you only after considering all information presented. You can conduct further research to help pinpoint the precise place that meets your needs. Visit the SeniorAdvisor website to find the best possibilities in Lubbock. There are plenty to choose from in the area.

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