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Lubbock 55+ Communities

One of the downsides of growing older is that no matter how your strength and energy levels may deteriorate with age, household maintenance and daily chores don’t get any easier.  

Many seniors have long since said goodbye to their children and no longer have the daily concerns of child-rearing or any need to live in a house meant for 3, 4, or maybe even 6 family members.  Paying to heat space you don’t utilize anymore can be financially draining.

A good option for many Lubbock seniors is to move into an assisted living or 55+ senior residence community.  Lubbock seniors are lucky to have some fabulous choices for senior residents living nearby.

You can find local 55+ communities like Wilshire Place and Raider Ranch at

What Does a Senior Community Cost in Lubbock?

The average monthly cost of living in a senior residence community in Lubbock is about $3000 per month.  While this is more than the rent in an age-inclusive community for comparable square footage, it is somewhat less than the average cost of assisted living in the state of Texas.

Depending on the neighborhood, amenities, and size of accommodation; monthly rent for a Lubbock 55+ community can range from $1500 to $4000 per month.  As with almost everything else in life, you get what you pay for, and you try to only pay for what you need.  Decide what services and amenities are important to you before beginning your search.

When you know what you want, it’s easier not to overspend for an apartment in a community that has services you won’t use.

Paying For Lubbock Assisted Living

Unfortunately, assisted living can be an expensive option. How will you pay for it?

For many seniors, their retirement savings and income will cover the costs of retirement facilities excluding some luxurious residential communities. The rest of us may have to be a little more creative.

Long-term care insurance is for just that; long-term care.  You won’t be able to count on it to pay for your senior residence needs when you’re healthy and able-bodied. Medicaid and VA benefits won’t help you out either, as you’ll need to make use of the resources you have at hand.  Do you own your home?

As the most valuable asset most people own, selling a home can supplement other sources of income (like Social Security) to make senior residence community living an affordable option.  

Seniors of a more entrepreneurial bent can consider becoming landlords.  By renting your home to tenants, you can hold on to a valuable asset while realizing a modest income that could conceivably offset the entire monthly rent of your new digs.

Of course, a viable option is to split the cost of accommodation with a roommate.  Two seniors will frequently save a considerable amount of money by sharing a two-bedroom apartment rather than each renting a smaller place.

Things to Look For in a Lubbock Senior Community

As you start assembling your list of the senior communities where you might settle, you need to consider the things that are important to you.

Many seniors keep pets like dogs, cats, and even parrots.  If you want your furry, feathered or scaly pal to accompany you, you’re going to want to find a pet-friendly 55+ residential community.  

What about being near to your family?  Grandkids are one of the great joys of old age, so consider how easy it will be for you all to visit each other.  Think about the fact that debility may make trips difficult for you eventually; will your extended family be able to easily make the trip to see you?

Food is a critical part of human security and contentment.  Ensure that the quality of the meals that are provided is up to your standards.  America is a nation of immigrants, and our seniors reflect that; find out if your prospective new home is sensitive to your cultural requirements.  Many nationalities have special holidays and dietary requirements uniquely their own, so find out if you’ll be accommodated.

The Basics of Lubbock Senior Living

While each 55+ community can have its own offerings unique from any other nearby communities, there are some universal basic requirements you need to investigate.

Will the cost of utilities be included in your monthly rent?  This can make a big difference in how affordable one senior residence is compared to another one.

What is the quantity and quality of meals served in the community?  You’ll need to check if things like drinks and snacks outside of mealtimes are provided and at what cost if not included in your rent.

Housekeeping services are a critical part of the 55+ community experience; ensure that room cleaning and other housekeeping services are regularly scheduled and performed to high standards.  A grotty or poorly repaired facility is a sure sign that your rent money isn’t being spent where it should be.

Lubbock Senior Living Extras

Beyond bare necessity, there is a range of enjoyable extras that you can find in many senior communities.  There are amenities like beauty parlors, barber shops, and even movie theaters with popcorn machines.

Ask the senior residence representatives you speak to about anything that sets them apart from the other Lubbock senior homes.

Your New Lubbock Neighborhood

The neighborhood you live in has to make you comfortable.  Make sure that you’re going to be happy in your new neighborhood.  Make trips to the area at different times of the day and different days of the week to make sure that there are no “deal breakers” that will make life unpleasant there.

Your Changing Circumstances

As we age, our need for help changes.  Think ahead and consider if you want to settle in for the long haul in a place like Bee Hive Assisted Living where you can easily age in place or communities like MountainTop Home Care and Assisted Living and Grace House Of Lubbock.

But, if you don’t mind the prospect of having to move again you could move into a senior residence where you can enjoy fully independent living.

Find assisted living in Lubbock near you.