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How Much Does Lubbock Assisted Living Cost

The city of Lubbock has a lot to offer regarding assisted living opportunities. The price is relatively decent compared to other locations throughout the U.S., and there are plenty of options in the big Texas city. Before settling on your facility, though, you need to consider all associated costs and ensure you can handle the expense. There are alternative options such as in-home care that you can pursue instead. Do not jump into things without first looking at what assisted living truly means and what costs accompany these services.

Assisted living ensures people who need daily help get what they need, including:

help with grooming, such as bathing, dressing, and combing their hair

reminders to take medications regularly

transportation to any doctor’s appointments or physical therapy sessions

assistance with housekeeping and laundry services

Fast Facts on Assisted Living in Lubbock

Dozens of assisted living options reside in Lubbock.

All Texas facilities must meet the proper building requirements to operate as an assisted living location.

You must earn a certificate and pass the state exam to run an assisted living facility or any other home care in Texas.

A Type A facility operates for healthy residents who do not require assistance during an emergency situation, while a Type B facility is meant for those who need further help.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in Lubbock?

The town of Lubbock has extensive options when it comes to assisted living. Each location offers numerous amenities that are ideal for peaceful living filled with activities to enjoy with friends. These extras are why the costs are greater than the median across the U.S. While most residents can look at paying $3,600 per month for a room, Lubbock residents are looking to spend $3,800. This amount equates to $45,600 each year.

Prices will only rise in the future. Over the next five years, experts expect costs for assisted living to increase by five percent. You could be paying nearly $48,000 for a one-year stay in an assisted living facility. Prices will change by more than $2,000 per year under these circumstances.

Questions to Ask About Costs

Most facilities run in a similar manner, but they are not all the same. You need to look into several options before deciding on which one is truly right for you. Start by touring your top choices and speaking to the administrator of each one to ask them important questions regarding the costs of their programs. You need to be sure you can afford the services and fees they have to offer and do not get ripped off by hidden expenses they don’t tell you about before you sign the contract.

Ask the following questions:

How much does it cost for a continuum of care?

May I look over paperwork describing all services and fees?

Do residents sign a yearly lease, and is there a fee for getting out of the lease early?

Do you partner with organizations that offer aid for payment?

What billing policies do you enforce?

Do you accept long-term care insurance or do I have to use an alternative payment method?

Does your establishment accept Medicare or Medicaid?

How many meals and snacks get included in your meal plan?

Can I bring a guest into the mess hall? Do they have to pay for their own food?

Are laundry services included in the monthly fee?

Which utilities get included in the monthly fee, and which cost extra?

Can I bring my pet for free or is there a charge?

What are your additional services and how much do they cost?

Be sure to ask all the above questions, so you fully understand what the facility is asking of you. You should never sign a contract without knowing what hidden fees they will spring on you down the line. Know all the costs and fees before entering into any type of agreement, and you will know exactly what you will be paying throughout the year.

Ways to Save Money on Assisted Living

Do not hand over the full cash amount for your stay at an assisted living center. Instead, find ways to save first so you are left with a lower bill. You can start by sharing a room with another person. This saves you thousands off the total cost, as you both pay for the living space you share. You just pay for your bedroom area and the services and amenities included with the monthly fee. Not every facility offers a double occupancy room. If you want this option, you may have to shop around until you find a location that lets you share.

Ask about the sliding pay scale and see if you meet the requirements to use it. Low-income individuals get to pay less than residents who can afford full price. Your amount is based on your actual income and what the state says you should be able to afford for your own care.

Ways to Pay for Assisted Living

Utilizing your insurance plan is the best way to ensure lower costs for you in the long-run. Most insurance companies pay up to a certain amount each month for a long-term stay for health reasons. Some even offer a particular amount of days per year they pay for free. You then become responsible for the remaining portion. Consider having both Medicaid and Medicare if you are considered low income so you can use as much coverage as possible to handle the fees.

Sell your belongings to get the cash you need for your stay. If you have a vehicle, that is one of the first things you can get rid of immediately. You get transportation to and from appointments provided by the assisted living center. With household items included in your monthly fee, you won’t have to go out as much to run to the store and pick up things you need. You will simply need assistance getting to your doctor’s appointments.

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