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How Much Do Lubbock Nursing Homes Cost?

Lubbock, Texas has lots to offer; the climate is beautiful, the region is pure Southwestern in nature, and best of all, nursing homes in Lubbock are reasonably priced compared to the national average cost of care.

This isn’t to say that Lubbock nursing homes are cheap in absolute terms. Nursing home accommodations are always much more pricey than assisted living facilities, but nursing home residents are provided a comprehensive suite of services for that price.

Choosing to move into a nursing home is a monumental decision, and you need to be aware of all considerations:

What does Lubbock nursing home care cost on average?

What services do all nursing homes have to provide

Are there registered nurses on staff?

Are there any extra services that nursing homes offer residents?

What questions should I ask the nursing facility management?

What should I look out for when I visit?

How will I pay for the nursing home care I need?

Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions and get a good idea of how to conduct your search for a high-quality nursing home facility.

Facts about Lubbock Nursing Homes

The average monthly cost of a private nursing home room in Lubbock is a very reasonable $6,692 per month on average while a semi-private room will only cost you about $4,715 monthly.

Not quite 10% of seniors aged 85 years and older live in a nursing facility, and female seniors are almost two-thirds of nursing home residents.

Nearly 1.5 million people over the age of 65 years lived in a nursing home facility as of 2014.

Nearly 3% of the total population 65 years and older reside in nursing home facilities.

Nursing Home Rates in Lubbock

As shown earlier, the cost of a private room in a Lubbock nursing home facility is only about $6,700 per month. This compares very favorably with the national median cost of care which is approximately $7,400 per month for private accommodations.

Choosing a semi-private living situation brings the average monthly cost down even further. At a little more than $4,700 per month, most Lubbock seniors should have no trouble finding affordable nursing home care.

The quoted figures are just averages; with the wide range of nursing home choices in and near Lubbock, you should have no trouble finding the right place at the right price for your nursing care needs.

Nursing Home Services in Lubbock

As state licensed facilities, all nursing homes in Lubbock have to provide certain services and meet preset standards of care.

The first thing that all nursing homes in or around Lubbock have to offer is a geriatric medicine trained staff of registered nurses that will provide many essential medical services for residents.

Your nurse will be responsible for:

Changing bandages, and the cleaning and disinfecting of wounds as needed

Checking and recording vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, body weight, and blood sugar levels.

Ensuring that you follow your medication schedule.

Assisting nursing home residents with mobility devices like wheelchairs and walking frames.

Assisting physicians during examinations and routine medical procedures.

Seniors who live in a nursing home facility will be provided with nutritional based meals prepared and served by trained food service staff. If you have special dietary requirements due to a medical condition such as diabetes or heart disease, you’ll be accommodated with meals that meet your unique dietary requirements.

Dementia is an increasingly common condition as seniors reach ever older ages, and many nursing homes will have special wings dedicated to the care of seniors experiencing the ravages of memory disease.

Nursing Home Extras in Lubbock

Frequently, nursing home facilities will offer “extras” for residents that may not be found in other nursing homes or are provided in a manner unique to that facility.

As you begin your search for a high-quality facility to spend your late senior years, you’ll find amenities and extra services offered like:

Barber or beauty shops located on-site

Shopping opportunities on the nursing home grounds

Unique gardens and landscaping to provide the most beautiful environment possible for mobility impaired residents.

Movie theaters, games rooms, and lavishly appointed community spaces for residents to enjoy socializing and diverting activities.

Day trips and excursions to nearby attractions.

Classes, seminars, and entertainment to give residents a full schedule of activities to look forward to every day.

What to Look For in a Lubbock Nursing Home?

It’s important to find the best nursing home for your needs, but you need to also make sure that you’ve found the best quality care.

First off, you should take a good look at how clean the facility is; is everything sparkling clean and well-cared for? A poorly maintained facility is obviously indicative of a management team and staff that don’t take pride in their work.

Speak to the staff and get a feel for how friendly and caring they are about the residents under their care. These are the people you’re going to rely on, so you need to get a feel for them and see if they’ll provide the level of care that you expect.

The AARP website has a handy checklist of things to look out for when you visit a prospective nursing home.

Paying for Care in Lubbock

Lubbock, Texas, is an affordable place for nursing home care, but the cost is still considerable compared to the assets most people have on hand. How will you pay for the Lubbock nursing home care you need?

The best method may be to have a long-term care insurance policy in effect to cover the cost of nursing facility care. But, what if you don’t have a long-term care policy?

Low-income seniors can rely on Medicaid to make sure that they get the nursing home care that they need. Also, VA benefits are a great way for eligible veterans to afford nursing home care.

Find assisted living in Lubbock near you.