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Medicaid in Louisville

Medicaid is one way that seniors in the Louisville area pay for needed health care services. In fact, the program subsidizes over half of the care delivered to adults over the age of 65 in the state. Nursing home care, in-home medical services, hospice care, adult day programs, and non-emergency medical transportation services are all subsidized by Medicaid. If you’re wondering if you qualify for benefits, or may qualify someday, review this helpful overview of the Medicaid program in Louisville.

Eligibility standards for Kentucky Medicaid

There are several requirements in order to be eligible to receive Medicaid benefits in the state of Kentucky. You must either be an adult age 65 or older, or an adult with a long-term disability in need of 30 or greater days of continual medical care and with a condition expected to last a year or more. Medicaid is also looking for individuals who have limited assets, excluding your car and home, and who can prove they have a low income.

How to apply for benefits and helpful resources

Kentucky is working on their online Medicaid Partner Portal Application (MPPA) website where you’ll be able to apply and manage your Medicaid benefits online. Until the online option is available, the application in the state is a paper process. You can go here for all of the documents you’ll need to access and complete to apply for the program. Once you’ve completed the necessary documents, you’ll go to your local office to submit your paperwork and for any questions about the program.

There are eight locations in the Louisville area. They can be found at: 908 West Broadway, L&N Building South Central Neighborhood Place, 4255 Hazelwood Ave First Neighborhood Place, 1503 Rangeland Road South Jefferson Neighborhood Place-Fairdale, 1000 Neighborhood Place South Jefferson Neighborhood Place-Valley, 10200 Dixie Highway Neighborhood Place Ujima, 3500 Bohne Ave Cane Run Neighborhood Place, 3410 Lees Lane Northwest Neighborhood Place, 4018 W Market Street

You may also call toll-free from your mobile or home phone (855)-306-8959 for assistance during normal business hours. There are also several different community organizations with volunteers on-hand who can help seniors who are having a hard time with their application. The Jefferson County offices of Kentucky Department of Community Based Services, Urban League, and Catholic Charities are just a few organizations that will work with you to fill out the needed forms to help you get approved for your benefits.

Medical services covered by Medicaid Benefits in Louisville

The Medicaid program for seniors in Louisville provides coverage for normal medical care. This includes trips to your doctor, dentist, and the hospital as well as x-rays, testing, and any prescription medications. Long-term care, adult day programs, hospice care, and in-home medical services may also be covered if the applicant qualifies. The state of Kentucky has an approved list of Medicaid providers that you can access here. You may also want to ask your doctor or facility if they accept Medicaid as an insurance provider.

Getting to medical appointments in Louisville

Seniors in need of non-emergency medical transportation have access to services through a Medicaid approved partner Federated Transportation Services of the Bluegrass (FTSB). You will need to call them at 1-888-848-0989 a minimum of 72 hours in advance during normal business hours to arrange your driver. For complete details, visit them online.

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