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Louisville Veterans Support Groups

As veterans age, they develop a unique set of needs. While aging is life-changing for just about everyone, veterans require additional services, care options, and accommodations. For this reason, there are dozens of organizations, centers, and groups dedicated to helping veterans find the needs and benefits they are entitled to.

For veterans in the Louisville area, here are the local, state, and national groups that can help them.

Veteran Support Resources in Louisville

For medical support services, veterans can turn to the Louisville VA Medical Center. In addition to standard care services like primary care and an emergency department, the Louisville VA Medical Center can also provide veterans with specific services and programs, including the Former Prisoners of War Program and mental health care. For senior veterans, hospice and palliative care can also be provided from the Louisville VA Medical Center.

Support can also be found at the Veterans Community Alliance of Louisville. It is the mission of the organization to work as a communication connection between veterans and the services providers that they are looking for. The Veterans Community Alliance of Louisville can help veterans find the care they need, help veterans and their families apply for benefits, and assist them with any issues that may arise during the process.

Veteran Support Resources in Kentucky

If Louisville veterans need additional support from their community, they can go to the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs. The Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs assist veterans and their families with finding benefits that they qualify for and services to make their life a little easier. In addition to health care and a homeless veterans program, the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs also has educational programs and employment support for Kentucky veterans.

Nationwide Veteran Support Resources with Louisville Chapters

Additional support services can be found from the Veterans of Foreign Wars posts located in Louisville. VFW posts provide a sense of community for veterans in the area, often hosting dinners or breakfasts periodically throughout the week. Involvement in a VFW also connects veterans with individuals with similar backgrounds and interests. There are eight different posts within 10 miles of Louisville, including the following:

Post #8639 – 4205 Lambert Road | 502-964-7182

Post #6182 – 992 Longfield Ave | 502-363-9387

Post #2822 – 3505 Middle Road | 812-283-3237

Post #1832 – 1101 S. Clark Blvd | 812-283-8801

Veterans who may be suffering from mental illness can find support with the National Alliance on Mental Illness Louisville. Because it is not uncommon for veterans to experience feelings of depression, anxiety, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, getting involved with support groups or counseling can help them immensely.

Veterans Appreciation in Louisville

Veterans in Louisville are recognized for the time they served in the military each day on Veterans Day. Each November, Louisville runs a parade through downtown to show appreciation and honor the local veterans who have dedicated their time to their branch of the army.

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