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Louisville Veterans Benefits

If you are a veteran living in Louisville, there are a number of local resources that are dedicated to helping you access the health, housing and employment benefits that you need.

What health benefits are available to Louisville area veterans?

If you are a veteran who has served in the active military, or if you are a former member of the Reserves or National Guard, you may be eligible to receive VA health care benefits. Veterans who were honorably separated can apply for benefits during an annual enrollment period, and each applicant is placed into a priority group based on their service history and current health. Veterans who were injured in the line of duty and have service-related disabilities are afforded enhanced eligibility status when applying for VA health benefits.

The Louisville VA Medical Center helps to keep the city’s veterans healthy and comfortable as they age. You can visit the hospital for a routine primary care appointment, or meet with specialists for more complex neurological, pulmonary and cardiac issues. Mental health services and support groups are also available at the medical center for veterans suffering from depression or PTSD.

What housing benefits are available to Louisville area veterans?

If you are a Louisville veteran who is considering home ownership, you may want to first check if you qualify for any federal home loan programs. Eligibility is determined by your length of service or service commitment, your duty status and your character of service. Different types of loans are available depending on your financial needs, including purchase loans for property buyers and interest rate reduction refinance loans for those interested in lowering the interest rate on an existing VA loan.

Disabled veterans may be able to save on home improvement projects by applying for an Adapted Housing Grant. This federal grant helps to pay for modifications and features that improve handicap accessibility in homes. Kentucky also offers property tax exemptions for disabled and elderly veterans through state Homestead and Disability Tax Exemptions.

The state of Kentucky provides skilled care for veterans through three long-term nursing facilities, with a fourth due to open in late Fall of 2016. Kentucky’s Veterans Centers aim to keep residents healthy and comfortable as they age, fostering an active and independent lifestyle.

• The Eastern Kentucky Veterans Center, located in Hazard, provides nursing care and rehabilitative services for up to 120 residents.

• The Thompson-Hood Veterans Center is located in Wilmore and is Kentucky’s largest long-term veteran care facility, boasting almost 300 beds.

• The Joseph “Eddie” Ballard Western Kentucky Veterans Center can be found in Hanson and offers 24 hour nursing care for over 150 veterans at a time.

• The Radcliff Veterans Center is due to open in Fall 2016 and will be located less than an hour away from Louisville. Residents will enjoy luxurious private rooms in an intimate community setting.

Are there other benefits resources available in the Louisville area?

The Louisville VA Regional Benefit Office aims to help veterans learn more about government benefits programs. Skilled counsellors are available to guide veterans and their families through the entire application process, offering information and advice at every step along the way. Whether you have questions about VA health care, housing programs, education initiatives or employment assistance, you can find answers by visiting your local Regional Benefits Office.

Veterans who wish to return to work after serving their country can find help landing a job by contacting the Kentucky Career Center. The center offers vocational training, job placement opportunities, and even unemployment insurance for qualifying veterans.

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