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Louisville Nursing Homes

As a person ages, there are some natural deteriorations that occur. This can include a decrease in eyesight, hearing and health in general. While many families choose to provide care for senior loved ones, there are some who are simply unable to do this. This is when they typically begin to search for nursing home care in Louisville. With so many options and things to consider, getting to know a bit more about the options and what to look for can be beneficial.

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Helpful facts about nursing homes in Louisville

In the metropolitan area of Louisville KY, there is a total of 81 nursing homes.

In the state of Kentucky, there is a total of 289 Medicaid and Medicare nursing homes. These have 27,005 beds and (on average) 87 percent of these beds are filled.

19.1% of the population of Kentucky is over the age of 60, 9% of the population of the state is over the age of 70, and 3.4% are over the age of 80.

Of the over 80 population, 65.3 percent are women.

Total amount of time seniors spend in nursing home care

There are more females, who are over the age of 85, utilizing nursing home care in Louisville. In most cases, these individuals are widows and typically suffering from some type of dementia. According to national estimates, it is thought that approximately 70 percent of the people who are currently turning 65 are going to require some sort of long-term care during their life. They will also typically need this care for a period of about three years.

There are a number of factors that will determine the amount of time a person will need to stay in a nursing home; however, the average length of a stay is between one to three years. In fact, 30.3 percent of people who go into a nursing home will need care for this period of time. Only about 12 percent will need care for more than five years and 20 percent will need care for under three months.

The gender of the individual entering into long-term care will also impact the amount of time they must stay. A general estimate is that males will remain in care for a period of 2.3 years and females for 2.6 years.

What to expect in terms of care from a nursing home

The services offered by modern nursing homes in Louisville vary greatly. They now offer a complete array of medical, social and personal services that are coordinated in a way that helps to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of residents. Nursing homes are the very best option for any senior who is in need of 24-hour a day care.

When considering options for long-term care, you will discover there are quite a few. For example, you can choose to have in-home care, or even look into assisted living. However, nursing homes provide the most extensive level of care a person can receive, besides being in the hospital. Nursing homes provide custodial care, which includes help with bathing, using the toilet, grooming, getting dressed and more, as well as skilled care services. This skilled care is offered by registered nurses and includes the administration of various medical treatments and the monitoring of medical conditions.

Louisville cost of care for nursing homes

Understanding what nursing homes cost in Louisville will help a person be prepared for the often high-price. On average, the cost of care in a semi-private room is $220 per day or $80,118 per year. For a private room, the cost is $236 per day (on average) or $85,958 per year. These costs can fluctuate based on the facility chosen and the level of care that is needed.

Finding quality care facilities in Louisville

Selecting the right nursing home for a loved one can be quite a challenge. It is essential that you begin the search well in advance of actually needing the services. Be sure to speak with the staff and even some residents at different locations, if possible. This will help you better understand whether or not you have found the right location for your loved one. You should also consider factors such as the amount of care the senior will need and if any special services are required, such as physical therapy or rehabilitation. Doing this will help you find the best location for your senior loved one.

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