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Louisville Neighborhood Guide

Louisville merged with neighboring Jefferson County to become Louisville Metro. It’s a community of people where new meets old, and for this Midwestern city, it really works. Louisville is a haven for seniors with 120 parks to explore and a few more adventures waiting at the Louisville Zoo. What could be more fun than to put on a summer dress and top it off with a fancy hat on your way to the Kentucky Derby? Lots of famous people hail from Louisville, including Diane Sawyer, Tom Cruise, and Muhammed Ali. The residential neighborhoods are just as fun to explore as the rest of the city. Here are a few favorites for seniors:

Crescent Hill

When the railroad was built in the 1800’s, Crescent Hill became a suburban boom town with easy commutes to Louisville and Frankfort. The area is known for its mix of Victorian homes and bungalows. Seniors will find it easy to walk to the local boutiques, shops, and cafes. It’s a great time to check out the housing as urbanites are moving into the area and property values are on the rise. If Crescent Hill isn’t quite to your liking, neighboring St. Matthews boasts post-war era homes with where seniors will find lots of their peers.


The Clifton neighborhood is on the east side and close to the downtown area. Perched on a cliff, which led to its name, Clifton’s homes were built in the long and narrow New Orleans style. The architecture style responded to the tax system of yore, when taxes were levied on the amount of street frontage. The area still has many quaint shops and lovely restaurants. Butchertown sits at the foot of the cliff, where the houses and people are much the same as their Clifton neighbors.

The Cherokee Triangle

In the 1890’s, large Victorian homes sprung up in the southeast part of Columbus and became known as the Cherokee Triangle. The area lost some of its elegance and vigor in the 1960’s. Hippies took advantage of the low housing market and divided the painted ladies into several apartments. The area has sprung back and many of the homes are being restored. Seniors will love the attractive housing market.


The mid 19th century brought many German immigrants to the Midwest and many of them found their new homes in Louisville. They brought their construction expertise with them and constructed brick shotgun homes, which became Germantown. They were so well built that many of them stand today. Savvy urbanites are happily restoring Germantown homes and revitalizing the area.

Norton Commons

The community of Norton Commons really celebrates the idea of new meets old. Set in the far northeastern suburbs of Louisville, Norton Commons is a brand new neighborhood development where the architecture was designed to resemble the charm of traditional housing. The homes are spacious and folks are known to relax on their front porches. The community has its own village center for shopping and other amenities. The residents are a mix of suburbanite families and empty nesters.

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