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Louisville Hospitals

Heading to the hospital as soon as a symptom is noticed is important for seniors, as any small thing can quickly lead to a major discovery. Illnesses are easy to come by as people age, and recovering from them is much more difficult. Louisville is home to several hospitals that offer senior care services in emergency situations. These hospitals are much better equipped to deal with the rapid rate in which many decline when a disease takes hold.

Hospitals and Healthcare in Louisville

Brownsboro Hills Health Care and Rehabilitation Center is part of Consulate Health Care. Several therapies are available at the center, including physical, occupational, and speech. These therapies can help people regain strength and control in order to improve their range of motion and rebuild muscle. There are also comprehensive rehabilitation services, as well as Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. Skilled nursing services range greatly, depending on each patient’s needs. Some simply require pain management, while others need wound care and treatment. Oncology care, cardiac care, nutrition services, and hospice are all also available at the facility.

Norton Community Medical Associates is known for its Geriatrics services. This practice provides care to seniors already living in nursing homes. The physicians travel to nearby nursing home facilities and provide routine check-ups, comprehensive care, and additional services to those who need them. Visits are typically made during typical business hours, but staff members are also on-call if needed throughout the night or on weekends. Patients typically still maintain their own primary care physicians when matters are more serious, but receive the care they need from the geriatric specialist in the meantime

The Department of Family and Geriatric Medicine is available at UofL Geriatrics. This School of Medicine provides services throughout the ages, including evaluations, home care services, care in nursing homes, and a medication management program. The doctors work closely with their patients to ensure they understand just what medication they need to take and why, the importance of taking it correctly, and what to do if doses are missed or overtaken. A caregiver support group is also offered at this facility.

The University of Louisville Hospital has geriatric physicians in their midst that typically go between departments to handle senior patients. Pain management, palliative care, cancer care, heart care, the trauma center, stroke center, and sleep care are some of the most common services for elderly patients. Geriatricians assess the patients in these situations and determine the best course of treatment.

Finding Geriatricians in the City of Louisville

Geriatricians offer their services to seniors and older adults who require extra care. Sometimes, these physicians can be difficult to find unless you are referred to one. Seniors can find their own geriatrician in the city of Louisville by checking out several resources. The first is the UofL Physicians list. This list details all physicians at the School of Medicine and in the area. Many work from the facility, with hospitals in the area, or travel to nursing homes.

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