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Louisville Funeral Homes

This handy guide will help to ease the overwhelming stress of locating a funeral service provider after a loved one has passed. We have included an abundance of helpful tips along with a list of resources as well as suggestions to help manage the costs. Other highlights include the ways in which the FTC Funeral Rule laws effectively protect consumers.

How the Federal Government Protects Consumers’ Funeral Rights

Consumers often have to deal with businesses that may engage in questionable practices when selling their services to the public. When faced with the stress of making funeral arrangements, it is comforting to know that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) passed a law in 1984 that protects your rights as a consumer. Known as the FTC Funeral Rule, highlights of the law include:

Funeral homes may not pressure consumers into purchasing bundled service package options that contain unwanted features.

Consumers have the right to buy only those funeral service features that they want and to exclude unnecessary items that cost more.

Funeral homes must respect the choice of consumers to purchase a burial container from another provider.

Consumers have the option to decline using a casket for cremation and may provide their own container to store the ashes.

Top Picks for Locating Funeral Service Providers

Locating funeral service providers can be frustrating and time-consuming. We have done the work for you and selected some of the best resources available. Our top pick is Dignity Memorial, which has a nationwide network that features more than 2,000 funeral homes and similar providers within the United States and Canada. You can use the search tool provided by Dignity Memorial to find funeral homes in the Louisville area.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is yet another top site that has an online directory of funeral homes in the Louisville area including several accredited businesses with A+ ratings and top reviews. You can learn more about making funeral arrangements on the website of the Funeral Ethics Organization (FEO) that provides helpful information for all 50 states including Kentucky. The Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA) also offers helpful suggestions and tips that consumers may want to explore.

How To Save Money and Budget for Funeral Services

Funeral homes offer consumers a wide variety of service options many of which are expensive and unnecessary, especially if you are on a budget. You can still honor the memory of a loved one with a basic funeral to help keep the costs down so you can afford the expense and finance the arrangements. You can save money by purchasing a less expensive casket and doing without service extras.

Catered funeral receptions can be very expensive, but if you still want to provide this service after the burial, there is an option to consider. A creative way to budget for this type of service is to have friends cater the reception at one of their homes. Volunteers can agree to bring several food items to serve guests. The experience will be more enjoyable as it will be in the setting of a friend’s home and helps to alleviate some of the stress of managing funeral service arrangements.

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