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Louisville Family Caregiver Benefits

A caregiver needs to make sure they not only care for the health of their loved one but also make sure they take care of their own health. More often than not, caregivers are taking care of family members and will burn themselves out before they ask for help or seek support. There are so many great programs, resources, and services out there for caregivers and it doesn’t mean you’re wrong for getting assistance. Louisville has plenty to offer caregivers and here are a few of their services.

Greater Kentucky Chapter Of Alzheimer’s Association

If you’re loved one has Alzheimer’s or some other form of memory loss you know how hard being their caregiver can be. It is crucial that you take advantage of some of the programs for caregivers that the Greater Kentucky Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association has to offer.

One of the best ways to be a better caregiver is to educate yourself as much as possible. The Alzheimer’s association has a lot of educational programs not only for those with Alzheimer’s but their caregivers as well. You can take part in a series like detecting early signs of Alzheimer’s, living with Alzheimer’s as a caregiver, and many more programs. You can check the local calendar to see when these programs meet and where.

Another good way to take care of yourself as a caregiver is to join a support group. There are over a dozen support groups in Jefferson County and Louisville that meet at various times of the month and at different times to ensure you can find a group that fits into your schedule. You can talk with other caregivers and share your knowledge and struggles so you don’t feel so alone in your job.

If you have a full-time job on top of your caregiving duties, you should see if your company is a part of the Alzheimer’s Workplace Alliance. This program provides companies with complementary resources and tools to help their employees who also take care of a relative with Alzheimer’s.

Kentuckiana Regional Planning And Development Agency

Through the KIPDA, caregivers can enroll in the Family Caregiver Support Program. Through this program, you can get access to things like counseling services, caregiver assistance, caregiver training, support groups, respite care, workshops, and more. There are a few requirements to enroll in the program so you can call 502-266-6084 for more information.

Louisville VA Medical Center

If you take care of a veteran, you can use the caregiver support services offered through the Louisville VA Medical Center. This includes things like:

Caregiver Support Line- A helpline that is open to caregivers to get assistance with services or provide a listening ear.

Caregiver Support Coordinator- A trained professional who can coordinate all the services you are eligible for as well as connect you with important information and services.

Peer Support Mentoring Program- Pair up with another caregiver to share your experiences and help one another with your caregiving duties.

You can also get access to caregiver services that can help you with your duties like:

Adult Day Care or Respite Care- If you need to run errands or take a break these facilities can watch your loved one for you.

Homemaker Services- If you have too many things to do around the house you can have someone take care of your daily chores while you care for your family member.

Skilled Home Care or Hospice Care- Get the health care your loved one needs right in your own home.

Contact your local Caregiver Support Coordinator at 502-287-4000 for more information.

Office For Aging And Disabled Citizens

If you need information on more senior services like transportation, meal services, health and wellness, or more caregiver support resources, you can check with the Louisville Office for Aging & Disabled Citizens. They have links to online resources and you can call 502-574-4377 for more assistance.

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