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Louisville Aging In Place

When you think of aging in place, do you imagine just sitting around your house getting older? While that might be the image this concept conjures, it’s so much more than that and many seniors are opting to age in place rather than move into an assisted living community or nursing home. You can find in-home care services such as homemakers to help maintain your house or home health aides to help maintain your health and the best part is they come directly to you. Whether you have a small bungalow on Crescent Hill or a shotgun house in Germantown, you can find these services and stay in the comfort of your own home for as long as possible.

How Will I Pay For These Services?

You have a few options when it comes to payment for in-home care services and you might not have to pay for it all yourself. If you’re a veteran, your VA assistance or benefits might cover these services under long-term care and low-income seniors can use Medicaid benefits. Long-term care insurance is another option and if you already have a policy check to see what is covered. The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services has the Hart-Supported Living Program that can help cover some in-home and supportive living costs.

How Much Do These Services Cost?

The best way to get a general idea of the total cost is to look at the averages across the country and for homemaker and home health aides combined, the national monthly average is $3,800. Now, this number all depends on the type of care you need and how frequently you need it as well as your location.

The averages for in-home services in Louisville are actually fairly close to the national averages. The monthly average for homemakers is $3,813 and the monthly average for home health aides is $3,886. This comes out to about $125 to $128 per day and while that might seem a little high it’s a pretty good deal when compared to the $227 per day for a semi-private room in a nursing home.

How Do I Find The Right Provider?

When you have people coming into your home, you want to make sure you use a provider you trust and who will meet your needs. You can start by asking your friends, relatives, and even your healthcare providers if they have any suggestions. You can also get some ideas from the Better Business Bureau of Louisville and look at customer reviews as well as ratings and business reports.

You should also talk directly with each provider you’re interested in and ask them some questions. Find out if they are bonded and it they have insurance and the right licenses. Ask about their hiring process and if they perform screenings or background checks. Once you make your decision be sure you’re clear on all payment options and plans as well as how they handle their scheduling before you sign any type of contract?

Any Other Care Options?

Homemaker services and home health aides are not the only types of in-home care you can use. In fact, you can find help for just about any task online and with more services than before you are sure to find a provider you trust.

If you have a pet and need care for them like walks or a sitter, you can check out Handy provides access to housecleaners and TaskRabbit allows you to search for people to help with any other chore or errand you might have. Amazon Home Services and are good ways to find help with house repairs, broken appliances, remodels, and other tasks that might require a professional. Ask the same questions as before to make sure you understand the terms of service.

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