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How Much Does Louisville Assisted Living Cost?

Cost is an important factor when considering moving into an assisted living facility. Equally important is whether the facility that you are looking at has all the services and amenities that you want, so that you will be happy living there.

An assisted living home differs from a nursing home because it offers senior citizens a sense of safety and security, while allowing them to continue to live as independently as possible. Assisted living facilities operate much like an apartment complex. They have standard private living areas with maintenance for the common areas inside and outside of the units. Healthcare professionals are on-site to provide medical assistance as needed. On-site activities are designed for aging adults.

What to Know About Assisted Living Facilities in Louisville

The Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living (DAIL) is in charge of statewide programs and services for Kentucky’s senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. Their goal is to address issues and circumstances that affect seniors and disabled citizens.

The Louisville area offers 27 quality assisted living facilities that offer different programs and services including:

Adult Day Care and Adult Day Health Care Advocacy Alzheimer’s respite Assessment Benefits Counseling (SHIP-State Health Information Program) Case management Counseling services Education Emergency Preparedness Escort Family Caregiver Support Grandparents Raising grandchildren support Health fairs Health promotion Help with chores Homemaker- home management and personal care Housing options Information and referral Legal Assistance Meals Nursing home (Long-Term Care) Ombudsman Outreach Personal Care Personal Care Attendance Respite-family caregiver Telephone Reassurance Transportation

Understanding Assisted Living Costs in Louisville

When weighing your options for assisted living facilities, look for facilities on the low end at around $1900 per month. The most you can expect to pay for assisted living housing in Louisville is about $5000 per month.

Kentucky also offers state programs including the Homecare Program and the Kentucky Family Caregiver Program, through the Institute on Aging. The Homecare program helps seniors remain in their homes longer, so they don’t have to be moved to a different facility as their needs change. This saves the state money and offers seniors a higher quality of life. The Kentucky Family Caregiver Program provides support groups, resources, assistance in accessing services, counseling, and training.

Kentucky does have a waiting list for public services called the Underserved or Awaiting Services list. If you think you will need state-funded services, it’s best to apply early.

Navigating an Assisted Living Facility Search

Start your search for an appropriate facility by doing some searching online. Look for the types of safety, security, and medical services that you will need first. This process should give you a short list of facilities to choose from. From there, dig a little deeper into the types of services and amenities that will help you live happily in the facility. Perhaps you need all of your meals provided or you need housekeeping services or a personal care assistant. The best facility is one that meets your physical, medical, mental, and emotional needs.

Online sites can be a little misleading. They don’t always measure up to their attractive websites. Schedule time to go out and visit a few facilities. Prepare a list of questions to ask and get acquainted with the staff. If you have any hesitations, you’ll likely resolve them during your tour.

Assisted Living Within Your Means

When taking your tour of facilities, ask for copies of the leasing agreement. The agreement will spell out which utilities the facility includes. Perhaps you use internet only occasionally. To spare the cost of an internet service installed in your living space, you can save some money by using the free internet in the common areas of the facility. Perhaps you need meals prepared only some of the time, you can save money on your expenses by doing some of the cooking yourself. Consider transportation costs when looking at services. Some facilities offer free transportation for errands and appointments.

Transportation may not run every day, so you’ll want to check out the transportation schedule as well.

How to Pay for Assisted Living in Louisville

Due to the economy, state resources in Kentucky are limited though you may be able to receive services after being on the waiting list. If you have enough in a retirement or pension plan, you may be able to fund your own assisted living expenses. Selling or renting the family home is yet another way to pay for an assisted living program. Medicaid eligible seniors may find some help from the state Medicaid plan. You may also apply for a reverse mortgage, though it’s best to consult with a financial planner that specializes in estate planning before taking that step. Review your insurance policies to see if you have long-term care policy that may also be used for assisted living expenses.

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