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Caregiving in Louisville, KY

Caregivers who are new to the experience of being a caregiver will find that there is a lot to learn. It won’t be long before they find an entire community of people and organizations that are dedicated to providing quality of care for seniors and helping them attain the highest quality of life possible.

Most caregivers quickly find out that they can fulfill their caregiving duties when they are willing to take care of their own health and well-being first, and be willing to accept some degree of help. Adding a few hours of outside help, respite, or securing transportation help can go a long way towards giving quality care while keeping a sense of balance with home life, work, and other responsibilities. Here’s how to find a quality caregiver in Louisville.

Finding Supplementary Care for the Primary Caregiver

One of the most comprehensive resources for senior care resources is is a website that is dedicated to helping families find quality care for seniors in every state. A first look around gives caregivers insight as to the array of services that are available in a specific area.

The site allows caregivers to search for the level of care they need including assisted living, nursing care, Alzheimer’s care, and in-home care. Caregivers can also refine the search by selecting the types of services that they need within the level of care.

Provider profiles offer caregivers the opportunity to read about services and facilities and see photos. Consumers rate providers by selecting stars for cleanliness and quality of care. Consumer reviews lend insight to caregivers looking for the highest quality of care. awards the “Best Awards” to providers who consistently have the top consumer reviews.

The Power of Senior Networking

Networking is also a good way to find a caregiver. Ask your friends, social network, and business network for referrals. Check with your neighbors and members of religious groups. Mention that you are looking for a caregiver at parties and social functions. Chances are that someone will know of a qualified caregiver. If a referral worked out for someone else, that caregiver is likely to work out for you as well.

Read blogs from other caregivers who took on the responsibility of caregiving. Learn from their experiences and be inspired by how they overcame challenges. Start your own blog and let other caregivers come to you. Blogs are an influential space where caregivers create their own virtual community for sharing resources, concerns, and advice from a first-person senior care giving experience.

Senior Care Giving and Nutrition

Louisville senior caregivers can get a little help from the Senior Nutrition Program. Backed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Senior Nutrition Program is locally administered.

Your senior may receive nutritious lunchtime meals at Congregate Meal Sites or have them delivered to homebound seniors through the Meals on Wheels Program, offered all throughout the Louisville metropolitan area. Nutritional meals that seniors can depend on support good health and promote longer-lasting independence and quality of life.

Seniors may enjoy a nutritious lunch at one of the 24 neighborhood sites, while socializing with other area seniors. The Senior Nutrition Program offers opportunities for activities and socialization. Congregate lunch hours run from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm, from Monday through Friday.

The need for services to homebound seniors is ever increasing. The Senior Nutrition Program utilizes the Meals on Wheels Program to deliver nutritious meals to ill homebound seniors age 60 and older. Social workers visit the seniors in their homes and assess them for entry into the program. Priority is given to seniors with the greatest need due to physical, social, and economic need.

Caregivers wishing to refer a senior may call the Senior Nutrition Program at (502)-574-6325.

Deciding to become a senior caregiver doesn’t have to become stressful or burdensome. The city of Louisville takes advantage of blended funding from federal, state, and local government entities to provide the best senior services to its community.

The Office for Aging and Disabled Citizens is a comprehensive service for discovering resources to help care for Louisville senior citizens. The Louisville police force joins forces with area seniors with the TRIAD program and other programs that help keep seniors safe. The Office on Aging also offers information for seniors and caregivers on housing, social work services, and services for seniors living with disabilities. Seniors and caregivers can subscribe to the site to receive the most up-to-date news and information about the services that seniors need most.

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