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Medicaid in Los Angeles

Medicaid is insurance for low-income families that might not be able to afford insurance under other companies or plans. Here in California, Medicaid is called Medi-Cal but it still offers the same benefits and coverage options. Seniors can use Medi-Cal to help cover some of their long-term care costs like in-home health care, adult day care programs, hospice, and nursing homes or assisted living facilities. While the process to apply for Medi-Cal isn’t too difficult, there are a few tips and resources available to residents of Los Angeles to make sure it goes smoothly.

Who Can Receive Medi-Cal in Los Angeles?

There are only a few requirements for seniors who want to use Medi-Cal and the first is that you need to be 65 or older or have a disability that requires long-term care. You must also be a California resident and if you are a citizen of the U.S. you can receive full benefits. Immigrants can also get coverage, but they will get restricted Medi-Cal benefits. Finally, your income will also be taken into account and your payment options will be based on your income level and any assets you might have.

Where Can You Apply and Get Help with Medi-Cal in Los Angeles?

Your best option when it comes to applying for Medi-Cal is to apply online. This will be faster and you have a better chance of getting approved quickly and receiving your benefits sooner. You can go to Covered California’s website to begin the application process.

You can also apply through mail and send the application forms to your local county office. If you would rather meet with someone in person to go over your application and answer any questions, you have a few places in the Los Angeles area you can visit.

L.A. County Department of Health Services 313 N. Figueroa St. Medi-Cal LTC 17171 E. Gale Ave. (866) 613-3777 Medi-Cal Outreach 9320 Telstar Ave. (626) 312-6001

There are also Medicaid consultants that you can meet within the Los Angeles area who will go through the whole application process with you step by step. If you need to find access to a computer or internet connection, the county of Los Angeles has a partnership with area libraries that allows you to use their computers and wi-fi as long as you have a library card. You can also check out a laptop to take home and work on if you would like that better.

What Does Medi-Cal Cover?

There are so many different services that are covered under the current Medi-Cal plan. You will receive basic care like doctor’s visits, dental care, X-Rays, and medical tests and prescriptions. As a senior, you can also get coverage for things like nursing homes, hospice care, and in-home health aids. There is also a list of different waivers you can access through the Medi-Cal program that will give you even more services for your care.

Transportation Services for Los Angeles Seniors

If you need help getting to and from your non-emergency medical appointments, Cityride is a program offered by the city of Los Angeles that provides discounted rates on transportation. You can use their Dial-A-Ride services or use a taxi that has paired with this program. To learn more and schedule a ride you can visit their website or call (213) 808-7433.

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