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Los Angeles Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Los Angeles is a popular city for those looking for a place to retire in comfort. Of course in such a large city there are plenty of volunteer opportunities to be found. No matter what your interests, with a little research and a few phone calls you will be on your way towards a future of helping those around you.

Los Angeles Animal Services

Animal lovers with some free time can do a lot to help out furry friends by volunteering. You may help with fundraisers, walking, feeding, and educational efforts. Administrative work is always needed. Off-site adoption events are other places where help is needed. You can assist potential pet owners with choosing the dog or cat that is right for them.

The Giving Spirit

The Giving Spirit is an organization that takes donations and assembles kits to help those living on the streets. These kits help decrease illness and help provide a better quality of life. With over 29,000 kits distributed, this program by Los Angeles Mission has been a great success. They have volunteer positions for a lot of different tasks. You may find yourself assembling kits or taking in donations for later use.


There are a lot of kids out there that need your help sharpening their writing skills. 826LA offers writing classes, tutoring, and mentoring to children and teens throughout the Los Angeles area. Many volunteers help provide feedback and support to students enrolled in a young authors program. Volunteers must pass a basic background check before working on a project. Volunteering with 826LA is a wonderful way to help set kids on a path of life-long learning.

Downtown Women's Center

This organization is dedicated to helping women who are very low income or homeless throughout LA's Skid Row. Means, showers, housing, clothing, and more are provided to help women enter the workforce and have a better life. Volunteers help with donations, maintenance, administrative tasks, and more. For a list of current volunteer opportunities, you can check out their page.

Creating A Volunteer Schedule

With so many volunteer opportunities out there, it is easy to imagine wanting to volunteer with more than one organization. Most groups try as hard as possible to work out a schedule that works best for you and them both.

When you first start volunteering, be sure not to take on more than you can handle. Sometimes volunteering is more exhausting than you might think. If something seems like too much, than it is best to tell your volunteer coordinator as soon as possible.

Consider Group Projects

If you have friends or family that might be interested in volunteering with you, then you might consider checking with organizations to see what group projects they have available. This can be a great way to spend time with friends and family while helping those around you. This might include cooking and serving at a homeless shelter, or doing a fundraiser to support your cause.

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