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Los Angeles Senior Services

Los Angeles is not only home to celebrities and superstars, it’s also home to a growing number of senior citizens. Despite the economic downturn in the rest of the country, flocks of tourists continue to visit the entertainment capital of the world, which is helping Los Angeles keep its economy on target. Los Angeles has a relatively high cost of living and its seniors are struggling to have their needs met. Many senior programs have risen in response to help the diverse socioeconomic senior population.

Los Angeles County Senior and Community Services provides services as the Los Angeles Area Agency on Aging. The program provides a comprehensive array of senior services which includes programs for meals, caregiving, legal services, grandparent programs, respite, counseling, care coordination, case monitoring, employment, and medical services.

Los Angeles LGBT Center helps LGBT seniors in Los Angeles find affordable housing. The program operates the nation’s largest affordable housing development specifically for LGBT seniors in Hollywood, which is called Triangle Square. The program provides a place where veterans can get help with services from the Veteran’s Administration. The center is place where LGBT seniors will find a great social network where they can participate in activities, events, dinner, parties, workshops, and other programs.

Los Angeles Dept of Aging operates 16 multipurpose senior centers throughout the city of Los Angeles. Seniors can go to the centers to access help with in-home services, care management, legal assistance, meals and nutrition programs, transportation, health and medical services, screenings and assessments.

St. Barnabas Senior Services provides a continuum of care that promotes healthy aging with centers in 11 locations throughout the Los Angeles area. The centers provide adult day health care centers, congregate meal sites, and help with housing. They also provide medical services, social services, transportation, and social activities.

Wise and Healthy Aging is a non-profit social service organization that serves older adults from pre-retirement through frailty. It also serves caregivers and their families, senior service organizations, and others who have a passion for serving the elderly. The program offers an adult day care center, caregiver support groups, care management, peer counseling, transportation, insurance counseling, and volunteering opportunities.

The Salvation Army recognized that senior housing was not keeping pace with the fast growth of the senior population. The Salvation Army fills that need with the construction of affordable housing units for seniors, where most seniors pay only 30% of their income for housing costs. Meals are often included in the rent. They also offer licensed daycare services for seniors and support for their caregivers. The Salvation Army also provides senior recreational activities including memory enhancement games, arts, crafts, therapeutic exercise, drama, music, and worship.

Senior Hispanic Information and Assistance works with the senior Latino population to enhance quality of life. The program is supported by the Los Angeles Department on Aging. The program helps with issues related to health, transportation, housing, employment, naturalization, meals, and utilities.

In addition to the resources listed, seniors may find other resources by checking within their local communities, churches, and ethnic programs.

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