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Los Angeles Senior Realtors

Selling and buying a new home is usually an exciting event. You’re looking for something bigger, you’ve got more money to spend, and you’re searching for that place that will truly be your home. However, what about when it comes time to sell that home?

For seniors selling their family home, it can be emotional and stressful. When it is time to part with the house you’ve spent the majority of your life in, you want to work with a realtor who understands what is going on. You will want to work with a senior realtor.

What is a Los Angeles Senior Realtor?

A senior realtor in Los Angeles is someone who has taken the time to become certified in working with older individuals who are selling their homes. There are a few ways that a real estate agent may become a senior realtor. First, a realtor can take a course to become a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, or SRES. Another option is through a Certified Senior Housing Professional course offered by the Seniors Real Estate Institute.

Through their time in a seniors realty course, the real estate agent will learn about the many things that come with a senior preparing to sell their family home. In addition to knowing how a senior may approach selling their home differently than someone younger, they also make connections with attorneys, accountants, and social workers who work with seniors in assisting in a smooth transition.

Who Should Use a Senior Realtor?

Senior realtors aim their service to individuals over the age of 50. Although individuals should be over fifty, they do not need to be retired or moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home. Regardless of the circumstances that come after the individual sells their home, anyone over fifty can work with a senior realtor.

When Should You Work with a Senior Realtor?

If you’re looking to sell your family home and over the age of fifty, a senior realtor can help you. They understand how a 401k or pension can play into selling a home and how a reverse mortgage can help create equity in your home.

A senior realtor can also provide you with guidance and advice even if you aren’t ready to sell your home. Their connections in the community mean they can help you find a contractor to help create a more senior-friendly home or introduce you to an attorney that can help you to create an estate plan.

How to Find a Los Angeles Senior Realtor

Whenever you work with a real estate agent, you want to find someone that you can trust and can provide you with exactly the experience you’re looking for. To help you find a senior agent that is either a CSHP or SRES, their websites provide easy-to-navigate directories to the various individuals who meet their credentials and qualifications.

Be sure to do your research and talk with a few senior realtors about your specific needs before making your choice.

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