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Los Angeles Senior Movers And Downsizers

Moving, for a senior is not the same as moving for a younger person. In most cases, seniors have to say goodbye to a home that they have known for very many years and move into one that they might never really feel at home. When a senior is moving, more often than not, he or she is moving to a much smaller place that can hold only a fraction of what he or she owns, which is not a very exciting feeling. Moving a senior has many challenges involved, which is why a professional needs to do it.

Senior Movers Are Not Your Average Moving Companies

Senior movers and downsizers are different from the average movers, because of their training in how to handle this special group of people. Senior movers are experts in money saving tips, they reduce the stress a senior would go through during a move, and they have experience dealing with seniors.

Senior movers centre all their work around the needs of the client, a client whose needs are very different compared to the young. These movers and downsizers always exercise the highest level of professionalism and commitment, work ethics that they learn during training and on-going education.

Knowing When To Call A Senior Moving Expert

You need to involve senior movers and downsizers early enough because these professionals do more than just packing items into boxes and moving them. Seniors need to downsize whatever they have in their homes through giving away or selling because they often move into a smaller home with far much less space.

The downsizers will help the seniors keep what they need and get rid of what they do not, but come up with a creative way of storing whatever they will not carry in the right way. These professionals will calculate the difference in space, advice on what to take, and plan how the new home should look like.

Finding A Senior Mover In Los Angeles

Most of the senior movers in Los Angeles are members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), and a quick search on the NASMM website will reveal the best movers around you. You can also find senior movers near you from the Yellow pages, sources that are very reliable with information on senior movers.

Referrals from older persons who are beneficiaries of the senior moving process or those living in a senior community are a great way to find a good senior mover.

The Cost Of Senior Movers And Downsizers In Los Angeles

Los Angeles senior movers are exceptionally affordable based on the services that they offer. Although some movers will claim to charge $79 per hour, the cost of moving depends so much on the company and the amount of work involved. Some seniors can pay so much more than what others will have to pay because the distance and the items involved vary greatly. The best way to find out the cost is to call the movers you are interested in and as for a quote based on your needs.

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