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Los Angeles Respite Care and Adult Day Care

If you are a caregiver for a family member or relative on top of your regular job and duties, it can feel a little overwhelming to make sure your family has the care they need. If you have to work during the day and need someone to care for your loved one, adult day care programs and respite care can be a big help. They provide care and supervision for seniors that can’t be on their own for long periods of time and give caregivers a break as well as peace of mind knowing that their loved one is cared for. Los Angeles has plenty of great adult day care programs as well as resources to make sure you choose the right place.

Adult Day Care And Respite Care: What Is It Like?

So what happens at an adult day care program? There are a few different locations that programs can take place, but most often they are in hospitals, senior centers, or senior living communities. They generally operate five days a week, Monday through Friday (except on major holidays) and provide care during the normal work day hours, generally from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. There are a few cases where they might provide care for a few hours on a weekend, but that isn’t usually the case.

While at a daycare program, nursing staff will oversee all seniors to make sure medical needs are met. This includes making sure that everyone is hydrated, medications are passed out on time, and if necessary take vital signs and handle any other medical issue that could occur. You can also find programs that will meet the needs of specific diseases or conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s or cancer.

All programs that are licensed will also provide a hot and nutritious lunch and possible snacks and breakfast. Other than medical care, seniors can enjoy a wide variety of activities throughout the day. They can participate in group activities like games, classes, and arts and crafts. There can also be scheduled entertainment from local groups and if able, day trips to local attractions. The California Department of Public Health manages all licensing and certification for adult day care in the state.

Where To Find Care

There are many places in the Los Angeles area to find adult day care programs that will meet your needs. You should start with places that are close to your home or workplace and make it easy to drop off and pick up.

Beverly Adult Day Health Center 316 N. Western Ave. (323) 957-9777

Opica Day Care 11759 Missouri Ave. (310) 478-0226

Sinai Adult Day Health 6075-6077 W. Pico Blvd. (323) 933-6611

Central Adult Day Health Center 1825 Beverly Blvd. (213) 413-6966

Echo Park Adult Day Health 302 N La Veta Terrace (213) 482-5900

You can also search the California Association for Adult Day Services database to find more licensed facilities all over California. Your loved one’s doctor, as well as friends and family, might also have good recommendations based on their experience.

How Much Does Care Cost And How Can I Pay?

The median cost for adult day care in Los Angeles is $73 and that is less than the daily cost of assisted living or a home health aide. Plus, you might not need to use daycare every single day. If you’re on Medicaid or have VA-benefits, you should check to see if they can help cover the cost of your care. Long-term insurance policies can also help with coverage if the care is needed for medical or cognitive conditions.

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