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Los Angeles Rehab Centers

Contrary to what most people think, nursing homes are not purely for long-term care because at least one out of every three patients is usually there on short-term rehab care. Patients recovering from an accident, surgery, illness, or even a stroke are in need of skilled nursing services or daily therapy, services that a nursing home can offer. Therefore, when the doctor starts talking about rehab care, you can expect the following:

What Goes On In A Rehab?

The idea behind taking patients to rehab is for them to receive treatment for whatever condition they are suffering from until they get well enough to go back home. The medical staff and caregivers begin with assessing a patient's condition; they determine what the patient will need to get better, and then create a daily care plan for the patient for a period.

Since each patient in the rehab is suffering from his or her unique problem, the care plans for each patient is also unique. For example, stroke survivors will need very different treatment from seniors who have gone through knee and hip replacement, the former patients might need speech or cognitive therapy, while the latter will need balance, motion, and strength therapy.

Which Are The Best Rehabs In Los Angeles?

Most Los Angeles assisted living communities and nursing homes provide rehab care for their patients, with some of the best listed on including:

Ramona Nursing & Rehabilitation Center – This facility has been providing excellent nursing and rehab care for over 20 years.

Country Villa Terrace Nursing Center – This is one of the smallest nursing homes but has the best ratings.

Saint Vincent Med Center – This medical center offers outstanding health services to the Los Angeles community. Make sure to ask your doctor whether he or she can recommend a rehab for you, or you could ask a friend or a relative who has ever been to a rehab whether they would recommend anyone to go where they were.

Things To Look Out For In A Rehab

Make sure that the rehabilitation center you are thinking of taking your patient has a great reputation regarding service delivery and treatment and ensure they have the equipment necessary for your patient's care. Find out if your insurance is accepted there and judge whether the environment is clean enough or whether the atmosphere is friendly for your patient.

Who Takes Care Of The Bill?

Medicare: Medicare is an excellent way to take care of the bills, but your patient has to meet all its requirements for it to be of any help

Medicaid: Just like Medicare, the patient has to qualify for Medicaid benefits to receive any form of financial assistance here.

Private Insurance: Most health insurance companies will pay part or even the whole cost of rehab depending on your policy

Military coverage: If the patient is enlisted in the army, the military cover pays for any rehabilitation as well as substance abuse programs

Patients can also look into the options of paying the bills out-of-pocket, for those who can afford, borrowing from friends and family members, or getting a loan.

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