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Los Angeles Nursing Homes

Looking for a nursing home for yourself or a loved one might not be on everyone’s fun list, but could be necessary at some point. There are dozens of highly skilled nursing homes here in the Los Angeles area, so it can feel a little overwhelming to make the right choice. You can find places like Olympic Board and Care that offers a variety of services including specialized Alzheimer’s care and was one of’s best of senior living 2016. Solheim Lutheran Home is another option that has four different levels of care from independent residential to skilled nursing.

There are many more options and this guide here can help you find the best place for your budget as well as your needs. You can see the different rates in the area, find out what services are typically provided, and learn what you should look for in a facility.

Brief Nursing Home Facts

There are 1.7 million licensed beds in the US and as of 2014, 1.4 million residents.

In 2014, there were 1,250 licensed nursing care facilities in California.

About 83% of nursing home residents in California were discharged after an average stay of three months.

About 20% of the population 65 and older will need to stay in a facility for five years or longer.

Average Length of a Nursing Home Stay

While many people don’t have to stay very long at a nursing facility, the average length of a stay is about three years. Women might spend a little longer in a facility because they tend to live a little longer than men. The biggest deciding factor in the length of a nursing home stay will depend on your health condition, assistance needs, and the type of care you require.

It’s true that most people in nursing homes are there because they can no longer take care of themselves and are possibly nearing the end of their lives, but these aren’t the only patients in these facilities. Many people stay at a nursing home for a temporary amount of time either because they have just had surgery, experienced a major illness, or are there for respite care. If you have just had surgery, you might stay at a nursing home during the transition time between the hospital and your home. You can get the care and therapy you need during your stay, and if there is an emergency, medical staff can handle it.

Many seniors also stay at nursing homes that provide respite care or temporary care. If a primary caregiver needs to be away from their loved one for a specific amount of time or needs a break to rest, they can rest assured their family member is getting the proper care they need.

Different Services Offered

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities might look like they are the same thing, but nursing homes provide more care than an assisted living facility. You will still get help with your daily tasks like bathing or transportation, but you can also get specific medical attention like wound care, medication management, and different kinds of therapy.

Skilled nursing facilities can also tailor their care to your specific needs. Many places offer Alzheimer’s and dementia care that include things like cognitive stimulation, therapy, and extra security to make sure patients remain safe. Stroke victims will also spend time in nursing homes and can get assistance with speech therapy and relearning tasks like walking, talking, and eating.

Meal plans are also taken care of in nursing homes and will be made to fit the dietary needs of each patient. Many times the meals will be delivered to each patient in their room, but you can find homes that have a central dining room where patients can eat together and socialize.

There are also social events that many homes will coordinate for their residents. You can take part in game nights and play bingo or bridge. There might also be events like a movie night or a local performing group might provide entertainment. Many homes will also have a variety of religious or counseling services on-site.

You can even find facilities that offer things like beauty services to help patients feel and look their best. When you search for nursing homes you can find out all the different amenities and services they offer.

Cost of Care

There are generally two different kinds of rooms you can get at a nursing facility, semi-private and private, but that can vary at each location. This means that there can be a wide range of cost found at each facility. On average, a semi-private room in Los Angeles is going to cost about $74,460 or $204 per day, while a private room is going to cost $97,638 or $268 per day.

These costs are just averages of different locations throughout the area, so it is possible to find places that will fit into your budget. If you’re on Medicare, there are facilities that are Medicare certified that can offer a lower cost. If you’re not on Medicare but are still low-income, there might be a program offered at the nursing home you choose to help you make payments. Talk with each nursing home to discuss all of your payment options.

Things to Look For

The most important thing you should look for is a properly licensed facility as this means they are meeting a certain standard of requirements. You should also ask to see the facilities yearly state inspection report and discuss any issues that you see there. If you need to find a place fast, a senior care advisor can help you sort through all of the facilities and find one that fits all of your needs best.

Make sure to pay a visit to each facility before you make your final decision. This will allow you the chance to talk with the director, interact with staff, and see how the residents are enjoying their stay. You can also make sure the place is clean and meet your standards. Be sure to utilize a thorough checklist here.

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