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Los Angeles End-of-Life Care

Hospice is the type of care that individuals receive when the end of life becomes inevitable. Hospice care refers to stopping life-saving measures and making the transition to making the patient as comfortable as possible as long as they are alive. Learning that a family member is entering an end of life stage is an extremely difficult time for all families. Making the transition to hospice care is made easier when family members understand more about the illness and the process.

Assessing Quality Hospice Care

When hospice care has been decided, Los Angeles families have choices when it comes to calling in a hospice care team. Families will want to make sure that they get the very best in hospice care because of the short time that it spans. Family members will want to make sure that the intended funding source for care is accepted by the facility. A good question to ask is whether the hospice organization has been surveyed by a state or federal oversight agency in the last five years, if any violations were found, and how they were corrected. Families can also ask if the organization is a member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and are they complying with their standards. Hospice facilities are not required to be accredited by a national organization, but those who go through the process are more likely to be committed to quality care.

Preparing for the Death of a Loved One

The National Caregivers Library is a good resource for family members to research particular issues that they are struggling with. The library offers some valuable suggestions for hiring help through an agency. Family members can check to see if the organization is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and which services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance.

Family members will want to know about the types of screenings that home workers go through and the type of training that they have. Family members will also want to know if the same workers will be providing care, who to call if they fail to show up, who is responsible for supervising the worker, and who they should communicate with regarding concerns. Online Search Platforms to find Hospice in Los Angeles

The California Care Planning Council (CaCPC) aims to educate the public about planning for care before a crisis becomes imminent and to provide a database of government and private elder care services in California. Patients and family members can search by city for available providers. The council lists 20 hospice care providers in the Los Angeles area.

Another site that can help individuals and their families choose a hospice provider is The site lists 186 hospice providers in the Los Angeles area. Six of the providers have 5-star ratings.

Family and friends should not be overlooked as a valuable resource for finding quality hospice care. Hospice care is a very personal service, so if the people that you are the closest to are happy with a provider, there’s a good chance that others will be happy with them as well.

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