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Los Angeles Aging In Place

If your house and its maintenance are too much for you and your health is starting to fail, you may think that your only option is to move to an assisted living or nursing facility but that isn’t the case. The majority of seniors want to be able to stay in the comfort of their own home as long as they can and there are so many options available that this is completely possible. Among many of the services are homemaking, where someone can help you with your daily tasks and chores around the house as well as home health aides that can help you with everything from bathing to reminding you to take your medication.

How Can I Pay For These Services?

There are a few cases where you might not have to pay for these services all on your own and if your doctor has stated that you can’t safely live in your home on your own you have even more options. If you’re a low-income senior, Medicaid can help with covering the cost of in-home health services and those seniors with long-term insurance might be able to use that policy to cover costs. The Department of Aging in the state of California also has a Multipurpose Senior Services Program that helps seniors who want to age in place stay in their home if they meet certain requirements.

What Is The Cost Of In-Home Health Services?

Depending on where you live and they type of health care you need, your cost could vary greatly. The 2016 national daily average for home health care services is $126 per day and that comes out to about $3,800 per month.

The averages for Los Angeles residents are a little higher than the national average with homemaker services costs at $142 per day and home health aides costs at $141 per day. This averages out into a monthly cost of $4,200 to $4,315 and while that might seem high, it is less than the monthly average of a semi-private nursing home room ($6,935).

What Should I Look For In A Provider?

You want to talk to people you trust to start your search for home health care services. Ask close friends and family members, coworkers, colleagues, and neighbors if they have any recommendations for help. You can also look at the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau to read business reports, find top-rated companies, and check out user reviews.

Once you have a shortlist, call each place and ask about things like licensing, insurance, and if they are bonded. You’ll also want to find out how they hire their employees and see if they do background checks. After you have picked the best company for you, go over their contract and service agreements thoroughly to make sure you understand everything before you sign.

Any Other Options For Care?

You don’t have to get full-time in-home help if you don’t think you’re ready for that level of care. The internet has a lot of great service-based websites that can provide you with help for your daily chores and errands or with bigger projects.

In Los Angeles, websites like can help you find a dog-walker or a pet-sitter, a housecleaning service can be found through Handy, and TaskRabbit lets you hire someone to do any chore or errand you might need. If you have a bigger job like home repairs or remodels you can check out places like and Amazon Home Services to find the help you need.

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