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Financial Assistance for Los Angeles Seniors

Thanks to Hollywood, Los Angeles (L.A) is famous worldwide because it is the entertainment capital of the world. Therefore, living in L.A is a big deal for many reasons, not just the fact that you can bump into a celebrity at any time. However, living in L.A is not cheap especially for seniors because the cost of living in this great city is 17% above the national average. However, the L.A County community and senior services department, together with other organizations, work hard to make the lives of seniors much easier. Read below to see where you can find affordable services that seniors can access.

Help With Meals And Groceries

Since meals are some of the most basic needs, a senior would have challenges acquiring, different organizations and agencies that provide food pantry service step in to lend a helping hand. Through agencies such as the L.A Regional Food Bank that have different pantries in many locations in L.A, and Care Pathways that has programs such as 'Meals on Wheels', seniors get to receive regular meals and groceries at a very low cost or even free, depending on their income.

Seniors will also benefit from California's food stamp program called CalFresh, which improves the food-buying power of seniors and people in low-income households. With CalFresh, a senior can use an Electronic Benefits Transfer card at the grocery store instead of using money.

Housing, Customization, And Utility Payments

Seniors living in Los Angeles that are facing challenges in paying their bills can sign up for the Los Angeles Assistance Program. This program helps the elderly and low-income earners living here to pay for their electricity, water, gas, and other essential bills depending on their need.

For those who do not live in their homes or are struggling to pay rent or mortgages, the Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles can step in to help them get out of their terrible situation. The housing authority renovates houses and uses them to house low-income seniors, and it helps seniors who are already living in different parts of L.A to pay their rent.

Senior citizens require homes with unique customizations such as wheelchair ramps, grab bars in the bathrooms, stairlifts, lever-style doorknobs, and other renovations. The government and various charities provide seniors with access to the above renovations for free or at low costs.

A Helping Hand And Social Programs

Los Angeles has numerous avenues through which seniors can acquire various skills and socialize through the programs organized by private and public organizations. For example, the Department of Recreation & Parks offers seniors language lessons, social dancing, art and crafts, entertainment and other activities through its 27 centers throughout Los Angeles.

Most seniors do not drive their cars nor can they use public transportation as comfortably as younger people can. Organizations and agencies such as The Independent Transportation Network of America (ITNAmerica) and LADOT Transit cityride provide transport services for the seniors so they can get to places conveniently.

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