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Caregiving in Los Angeles, CA

Caring for an aging loved one is a demanding job. For many adult children and other family members, this becomes their entire life. Providing care for a senior loved one can become quite daunting over time. Everyone needs a break, regardless of how much you love the individual you are caring for. The good news is that there are a number of helpful resources available in the Los Angeles area to assist caregivers with day-to-day tasks, and ensures the elderly individual still receives the high quality of care they need and deserve. Some of the resources that are available are found here.

Finding Time for Yourself

Taking a break from providing care for a person is usually referred to as respite. There are short and long-term options for respite care.

It is important to make sure you are taking some time each day for yourself. This is extremely important, even if you are just reading a book or watching television. Some other options to give you a break from your caregiving duties are found here.

Hire employees. This can be housekeepers, someone to do the laundry, or walk the pets. You can also hire a full-time, professional care provider. This is usually an option that will cost quite a bit, but a great way to minimize the responsibilities you have and ensure you can take a break daily.

Day treatment programs. This is often referred to as simply “adult day care.” These facilities are specifically designed to care for elderly members of the community while their caregiver is out, at work, or handling other tasks. Many services even offer transportation to and from the location.

Reach out to family and friends. Simply request that other family members take a turn providing care.

There are some residential facilities in the local community that offer specific respite care services. These can be beneficial if you need to get away for a few days or over the weekend.

Support, Help and Advice for Caregivers

In addition to being able to get away from time to time, it is also a good idea to find help, support and advice from other caregivers in the community.

The Caregiver Resource Center in California serves over 14,000 caregivers and families in the state each year. There are 11 centers throughout the state that can provide the information needed and desired by caregivers in the area.

The USC Davis School of Gerontology provides ongoing family caregiver support. This includes telephone caregiving support groups, church based support groups, and other locations. You can stay updated on what is going on in Los Angeles, and ensure when help is needed, you can find it.

Additional Help and Resources for those Needing Full-Time Care

There are also full-time caregiving services available. There are a number of times where caregivers find they are no longer able to provide this type of care. This can be due to some type of life changing event, or another reason such as their own health decline. At this point, finding more permanent care solutions will be necessary.

One option is to utilize the Multipurpose Senior Centers (MSCs), which are funded by the city or by the county Department of Aging. MSCs offer comprehensive services for seniors, as well as their family. This community-based agency has the resources as well as the expertise to help assess the needs of elderly residents and help caregivers make a plan to provide care.

The Alzheimer’s Association, Los Angeles Chapter is one of 220 different chapters that are present in the U.S. It is a charitable and non-profit organization that has more than 3000 members. This resource provides support groups, research information, helplines, education and advocacy for caregivers and elderly members of the community.

In some cases, help and support is no longer enough. A long-term solution is to choose a nursing home. There are quite a few options in the Los Angeles area that can provide quality care for a senior, if they are no longer able to live with their family caregiver.

When you are educated about the options that are available, you will be able to find resources and help when it is needed. Something that caregivers in Los Angeles should realize is that they are not alone. There is quite a bit of help out there with many of the programs and options highlighted here for use by those who need help.

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