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Top Long Beach Senior Discounts

While aging can bring many new challenges to the lives of Long Beach seniors, there are some benefits to growing older in Long Beach. Continue reading to see 10 great Long Beach destinations where seniors can enjoy a significant discount.

1. The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is a unique Long Beach, California destination for seniors who would like to see one of the most famous cruise ships in the world. Revel in the history on display over every inch of this magnificent vessel. The Queen Mary will also cater to overnight guests who want to live the Queen Mary experience.

2. The Aquarium of the Pacific

Long Beach seniors will enjoy visiting all year long and taking advantage of a range of fun programs and entertaining evening events just for adults. The less populated times for seniors to visit for a more calm experience are when the Aquarium opens or after 3:00 p.m. Visit to see what’s happening and maybe meet the penguins, sharks, and other aquatic residents.

3. Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

The Garden was founded as a teaching resource for both campus and the surrounding community. The garden serves as an outdoor classroom for the arts and sciences. The Garden is conceived as a hybrid art form that mixes the typical elements of Japanese garden design within the context of its location in Southern California.

4. El Dorado Nature Center

The Nature Center is 105 acres of grounds that provide sanctuary for various animals and a range of plant life. There are two miles of attractive dirt trails and a quarter mile of paved trail winding around the two lakes, a relaxing stream, and cool forested areas.

5. The Bembridge Heritage Homesite

The Bembridge Heritage Homesite is a well-preserved example of the Queen Anne historical style and is open for tours most days of the week. If you love antiques and learning about the early 20th century, you’ll love visiting here.

6. The Museum of Latin American Art

The Museum is dedicated to expanding knowledge and encouraging appreciation of modern and contemporary Latin American art with its impressive collection of original exhibitions, and inspiring educational programs. The Museum is also the place for delightful cultural events.

7. Long Beach Segway Tour

Have a blast touring the sights of Long Beach riding the unique Segway scooter. Long Beach Segway Tours offers senior discounts for hours of relaxing cruising through the best that the area has to offer.

8. Los Cerritos Ranch House

Los Cerritos Ranch House is a historic site in Long Beach that showcases the details of 19th -century ranch life in a traditional adobe home. Visitors can relax in the lush gardens of native plant life.

9. Rancho Los Alamitos

The expansive grounds include an authentic, historical adobe style ranch home. Relax by walking through the gardens and view old horse barns on a guided tour.

10. Long Beach Museum of Art

The Long Beach Museum of Art is a combination museum and cafe built on a bluff-top site that features galleries showcasing works by Southern California artists.

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