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Things to do in Long Beach

Many popular attractions fill the streets of Long Beach. You do not have to spend a ton of money on all of them either. Plenty of free or cheap activities gives you the opportunity to get out for the day and spend some time doing something fun. Take your grandkids to the beach or explore the museums in the city and gander at the artistic sights gifted upon you.

Add Some Color to Your Life With Artist Exhibits

The Long Beach Museum of Art lets you add some color to your life. View the 17th and 18th-century ceramics, modern paintings, and ironic icon images. You can join as a member and get in for free anytime or pay a nominal fee for a one-time visit. Seniors over 62 get a discount. Every Friday is also free for everyone thanks to the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

Travel Through Time By Exploring Historic Sites

The Historic Bembridge House sits on Park Circle. Prepare to spend at least three hours exploring the area and getting to travel through time back to the early 1900s when the home got built. The elegant Victorian architecture is one of the only of its kind left in Long Beach. It only costs $5 to take a tour.

Enjoy the Nice Weather at Outdoor Exhibits

Want to enjoy the beautiful weather at an outdoor exhibit? The Aquarium of the Pacific offers both indoor and outdoor views. You can get a behind-the-scenes tour or visit the various habitats available. More than 11,000 animals call the aquarium home. The admission price is steeper than some of the other attractions in the city, but seniors over 62 get a discount. There is also a lot to see and do that keeps you busy all day and makes the price worthwhile.

Watch Your Favorite Team Play

The Long Beach teams were not popular enough to stay on the roster, but Long Beach itself does have an arena where outside teams come to play. The Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center is the location of choice for many concert-goers and sports enthusiasts.

Hear Live Music at the Local Fair

The Long Beach County Fair provides free educational experiences to people in the area. It was primarily designed to allow local organizations to showcase their services and products. Live music is a significant draw for the event, along with fair food, games, local artwork, and animals.

Experience a Serene Feeling at a Spa or Hotel

La Dolce Vita Spa offers massages, body treatments, spa parties, and more. Experience a serene feeling when you utilize the services of this professional spa setting. This experience is a much more costly option than the other attractions, but it is well worth it to spend a day getting pampered. Body treatments include a rose petal, milk and honey polish, brown sugar and vanilla bean body scrub, pink salt and ginger glow, and more. Most treatments take between 35 and 60 minutes and do not cost more than $85 each.

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