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Social Security for Long Beach Seniors

Long Beach senior residents can retire just before 62 years of age. Once retirement occurs, many lose the income they have previously received from week to week. Retirement benefits and social security income offer monthly assistance to seniors who can no longer work. Applying for these benefits takes time, so it is best to start at least four months prior to when you expect to retire. Sixty-two may be the minimum age, but many still continue working for some time after to earn as much as possible.

Administration Offices Located in Long Beach

The U.S. Social Security Administration has a facility in Long Beach, CA. Its address is 2005 Long Beach Blvd. Residents in the area may come by between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm to discuss services. Those that do not wish to enter a facility, or cannot do so until they have questions answered, can call the toll-free number to receive assistance. It is 1-800-772-1213.

To look up other nearby administration offices, use the online social security office locator. It may help you find a closer office to where you reside. There are countless facilities spread across every city in every state in the U.S.

Obtaining Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits may be obtained through an office location. They will give you an application for whichever benefits you are hoping to receive, either Supplemental Security Income, retirement benefits, or spouse’s benefits. All options are available for retired seniors or those who are disabled and can no longer work. Retirement benefits only get awarded to seniors age 61 years and nine months or older. The same applies to spouse’s benefits. By 65, Medicare gets automatically added to the application.

It is also possible to apply for Medicare only. Many people want to continue working for as long as possible and wait sometime before obtaining their retirement benefits. They do, however, still need insurance to help offset medical costs. All identifying information, including W-2 work forms, must be submitted with this application to verify identity and earnings. The low-income insurance option only gets awarded to seniors who are in genuine need.

Accessing Social Security Information Online

The “my Social Security” account allows users to access social security information online. It is a smart idea for all social security recipients to create this account for themselves so they may have immediate access to documents and statements. With an updated email address, mailing address within the United States, and social security number, anyone may set up an account to utilize. You may only set up the service for yourself and no one else. Providing false information results in civil penalties and possibly even criminal charges.

Once your account is set up correctly, you will have immediate access to your information. You can then also utilize the additional online services available, such as applying for alternative benefits, changing your address, or requesting a new copy of your social security card. With all services available online, you never even need to step foot in an office if you do not desire.

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