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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Long Beach

The loss of a job can be many things, but it’s never easy. We all need to work to support ourselves throughout our lives, and losing or leaving a job will necessitate finding a new one. However, what about the mature job seeker?

Unfortunately, we become less valued in the workplace with advancing age. Older workers are generally passed over for younger people by companies seeking to fill vacancies. This is verified by a study conducted by AARP. The study demonstrated that mature job-seekers will find themselves unemployed longer than younger individuals. Job seekers over the age of 55 will also generally end up with lower pay than they enjoyed in previous work and will work fewer hours than younger workers.

As dire as this sounds, it doesn’t mean that your efforts are hopeless. Long Beach seniors have some great resources available to help in finding meaningful work. Keep reading to learn some effective ways to get back to work.

Resources for over 50’s in Long Beach

A great start to your job search effort is the internet. Websites like Workforce 50 will provide you with a bountiful supply of job listings from companies that are looking for mature workers. Use the easy search function to narrow down your search to a particular geographic, industry, and work schedule parameter. Learn valuable information by reading the huge library of fact-filled articles.

You can also look at websites like The Senior Job Bank, which is dedicated to collating as great a number of job listings for seniors as they can find. At the Senior Job Bank, you’ll find opportunities for a broad range of trades and industries and from part-time to full-time work schedules.

Long Beach Seniors Can be Paid to Learn

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a community service and employment-based job training program for California job-seekers over 50 years of age. The SCSEP provides training for low-income and unemployed seniors of up to 20 hours per week.

SCSEP offers job-training guidance, career assessments, and tutoring with the goal of getting participants into unsubsidized employment within two years. You can enjoy placement in a wide range of positions across many industries from state/federal agencies, to local schools and nonprofit agencies. Participants can end up in positions such as customer service, retail service, shipping, and childcare.

More Options for Long Beach Seniors

Senior U.S. veterans can utilize the resources of We Hire Heroes. We Hire Heroes is a job board for veterans that will place veterans in contact with hundreds of companies who are specifically trying to hire veterans to fill job openings. They also publish an informative blog filled with articles that will inform veterans of important opportunities, initiatives, and programs that can help them get back to work.

Mature job seekers who care for a family member may be paid market rate for the service they provide under California Medicaid’s Cash and Counseling program. You might also receive pay to care for a family member under a long-term care insurance policy.

There are many routes seniors in Long Beach can take toward gainful employment. Use every resource available to you and get back to work.

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