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Medicare in Long Beach

Long Beach residents may find it harder than others to locate information relating to Medicare. The smaller town within Los Angeles County does not have as many offices and locations as other major cities. It does have a social security office, though, which is where you need to go if you want to apply for this insurance option. There are still valuable resources located in Long Beach, and plenty of choices available online that will assist you further.

A Summary of Medicare Benefits

Medicare benefits depend on the type of plan you choose. Not everyone receives the same program. Instead, you hand-select the particular parts of the insurance plan you want to utilize. Part A is the most common, as it covers hospital stays. Meals get included in the stay, so you do not have to worry about food while you are at the hospital for an extended duration.

Part B also proves beneficial. It features routine doctor visits, preventive care, medical equipment, and more. Because this plan includes regular medical care, it is a more costly option. Part C allows you to pick a third party provider and get access to health insurance through them. Many of these plans include both Part A and Part B so you can use any services you need. Part D is strictly for prescriptions. You typically use more medication as you age than any other time of life.

Facts About Medicare in Los Angeles County

1.21 million people receive Medicare assistance in Los Angeles County.

The average beneficiary age is 72.

Medicare has spent $6.96 billion on costs in Los Angeles County alone.

There are 529,583 fee-for-service beneficiaries.

Long Beach Medicare Offices

There is one main social security office located in Long Beach. You can head there to discuss all things Medicare and find out how to apply. The office worker will disclose which documents you need to provide to prove you qualify for Medicare. The building sits at 2005 Long Beach Blvd. Dial (800) 772-1213 if you want to call in advance. A representative will answer your questions before you head in, so you come prepared.

You can also visit the Long Beach Health & Human Services office to speak to someone directly. They typically handle Medi-Cal, California’s Medicaid program, but they can answer questions about other options as well, including Medicare. They will also point you in the right direction to someone who is best equipped to handle further questions. Visit them in person at 1133 Rhea St, or contact them via telephone at (562) 570-4400.

Long Beach Doctors Who Accept Medicare

The Medicare website shows numerous doctors in Long Beach who accept Medicare. Several offer geriatric care to seniors, which is what many people with Medicare look for as they age. Group practices and single physicians make up the full list. Prohealth Partners is one group practice option, while Gimha S. Gunawardana is an individual physician in the area. He specializes in geriatric medicine yet also offers hospice and palliative care and assistance in internal medicine.

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